No Time For Yoga?

clock-92130_640No matter how much you enjoy yoga, the time might come when you feel you cannot fit it into your days any more. Getting to the studio? Might seem unimaginable.

We gathered a few tips to help you find time for yoga again.

First look at the change in your life that is causing yoga falling through the cracks. You need to know the reason for missing yoga in order to find a good solution.

What activities are taking up the place of yoga in your life? Do you have to work more or do overtime? A second job? Longer commuting times? Change in the family situation? Any health issues taking up your energy and time? New hobby?

Next take an honest look at your commitment to practicing yoga. How would you rate your commitment currently between 1 and 10 (where 1 means – no desire to practice at all and 10 means – you want to practice no matter what)

Could it be that the lack of time is caused by lack of commitment? Or is this just a pure time issue?

If you have commitment challenge, maybe reading this blogpost will help: The Temptation To Quit

How to make time for yoga?

How can you rearrange some tasks during the day so you can have 1,5 hours (class plus commute) for a visit at the studio?

Could you batch some tasks like grocery shopping? Can you better organize this everyday chore? Is it an option to order your groceries online?

If you cook, prepare a few nutritious meals on the weekend for the whole week. Or swap cooking meals with a neighbor this way you cook alternatively and save enough time to actually get to the yoga studio.

Outsourcing some tasks and smaller projects can be an alternative in many cases. Think about things that you could outsource to your loved ones… even if they are not very receptive to this idea of yours at first. Any teenagers looking to earn some extra cash? Or a neighbor willing to help you out?

Cut back on media time to make space for yoga again! There are so many distractions nowadays, it is easy to be pulled in for hours. It is not just the TV any more…FB and other social media sites, too will eat up all your time if you let it. Just imagine the cool status update you can make after returning from a relaxing yoga class…

There is one important mindset shift you must consider. It is your right to take a few hours for yourself, for your health and sanity every week!  Stand up for yourself if your family, friends or colleagues mean that you should be neglecting your practice and work on the stuff they think is most important.

Do you remember this quote? “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

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