Invest in You!

clean-19049_640The best investment? The energy, money, caring and attention you invest in your own self!

Fact is if you don’t invest in your own well-being, nobody will. Sad but true.

There are so many little things you can do for yourself with a minimum dollar amount. Let’s have a look at a few suggestions for you!

Manage your energy! It is so easy to deplete your energy levels if you don’t pay attention. First you need to understand your energy patterns during the day. Are you an early bird? Or a midnight owl? What are the most productive periods during the day? When are you especially creative? When do you have the most energy?

Understanding your energy flow during the day will cost you nothing. But it will help you to arrange your projects in order to take advantage of different energy levels for different activities. Of course we all would like to have high energy all day. Is this realistic? If you sleep enough (7 hours and more depending on your needs), drink as much as you need, eat a clean diet, you have the best chance to enjoy high energy every day.

Drink as much as your body needs! Not all drinks will do, though. Forget about soft drinks or energy drinks. You might feel satisfied after drinking those beverages, but sure enough you will pay the price later. Some of these drinks can dehydrate you even more. Stick to plain old water from a clean source. Now if you find it difficult to drink water without any flavor, make spa water (water plus sliced fruits which give it an awesome fresh, healthy flavor!)

Eat clean! What you put into your mouth will have an impact on your health, mood and energy long term. It is tempting to feed ourselves fast with the easiest options. Before you buy a processed food item next time you go shopping, look at the ingredient list. If you can’t understand it, chances are it is not a nutritious food, more likely a fully processed “food-like idea” of the industry.

Eating clean and organic food will cost you more money – unfortunately. Even if you have a limited food budget, you can eat much better if you swap some items on your shopping list. Just one example: if you like soft drinks, try this: instead of buying soft drinks, us the money saved to buy fruit (apples, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, etc). Use the fruit to make spa water and the remainder as a healthy snack. You can take the spa water in a fancy container to the gym or to the office, this way saving even more money…

Learn to cook a few simple meals! Home cooking is definitely cheaper than eating out. If a takeaway meal costs way less than preparing the same at home would…. you must think about the ingredients they might be using to make that food. Your body is your temple so respect it with your food choices, too!

Sleep as much as you need! Who would have thought a few decades ago that getting enough sleep will become such an issue in our society? Cutting back on sleep is an easy option to deal with life’s pressures and it doesn’t cost you anything – at first. With every passing day that you are cheating your body out of its necessary recreation time, you will face bigger and bigger issues. Did you know that lack of sleep can make you put on weight, increase your blood pressure and even makes you more prone to diabetes? Way too big a risk for watching that new show on TV or spending hours on social media! Sleep instead!

We hope these simple ideas will help you find new ways to invest in your own well-being every day!



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