All Classes are all levels!  The focus is on trusting your inner nature, be authentic and live from joy. At Clayton Yoga we emphasize empowerment and encourage everyone to listen to their body, play their edge and trust in yourself. The focus is on you and being present.  From there all sacred movement naturally flows…

Each of our yoga instructors  will show you how to inspire and come ALIVE!…

How to Prepare for Your First Yoga Class?

  1. Always use gentleness and common sense in your yoga practice.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes which allow full movement.  No jeans or tight waist bands.  You may want to keep special exercise clothes, and whatever props you use for yoga practice in a certain place next to your front door or in the car to better help you establish a routine.
  3. Please bring a yoga mat to class.  We have yoga mats to borrow certainly the first or second time, but after that, we suggest that you bring your own.
  4. No undue strain should be felt in the body or mind during practice.  If this occurs, stop and take child pose, relaxing completely.
  5. Yoga postures should never be done on a empty stomach.  Allow at least 3 hours to lapse after a heavy meal.  Snack is okay 1-2 hours prior to yoga. This of course can vary pending individual, so use own judgment.
  6. Go to the bathroom prior to yoga class.
  7. Never exercise under influence of medications that contain narcotics or alcohol.
  8. Drink plenty of water.
  9. It is best not to drink coffee, black tea or alcohol for at least 1 1/2 hour after exercising.
  10. Mild soreness is natural if you haven’t been exercising.  A warm bath is helpful, following your first few classes.  Any exaggerated nervousness, headaches, or dizziness should be discussed with your instructor.
  11. Do not try to impress others with your accomplishments.  It is better to direct all of that energy to become established in your own practice.
  12. Please be on time. If there is some reason you will be late, please enter room quietly.  Do some light stretching on your own, and then join in the class in progress.
  13. Do not chew gum or have anything else in your mouth while exercising.
  14. Make yoga a commitment to yourself. You deserve it!  There are days that you will be more flexible than other days.
  15. Have fun, RELAX, with it and BE KIND TO YOURSELF!




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