Golden Autumn

tree-99852_640What could you accomplish in the last 4 months of 2013? Could you measurably improve your health, your flexibility and mindset?

What if you took advantage of our new in-house promotion? We call it “Golden Autumn” not just because of the season we so love around here. We offer you a golden opportunity to take unlimited yoga classes this year at a very nice investment of only $150. The earlier you get your unlimited class card through our secure shopping cart, the more classes you can enjoy at Clayton Yoga studio so go for it! For more details please refer to our Hot News page.

It is so easy to concentrate on the year ending when we notice the days getting shorter every day. It is September already with only 120 days of 2013. We are getting closer to the finish line. How close are you to reaching your goals for this year?

Do you see this 4 month period as an opportunity or more like a sign of defeat?

No matter what your goals are you can recommit to them now. With some planning and focus there is so much you can make happen in your life!

Four best tips to make the most of the autumn:

  1. Plan today for a successful tomorrow! Take a few minutes in the late afternoon or just before going to bed to write out your plan for the next day. Yes, it makes a huge difference to write this down. It is easy to forget about the best intentions when life throws you a challenge and you need to firefight. Having a written plan will help you tremendously in a crazy situation.
  2. Plan for relaxation not just for work! How many times do you put your yoga class or gym visit on your schedule? The fact is if you don’t plan on them, they might just not happen. It will be easy to just skip the activities you plan for your own sanity. But what happens if you put yourself at the end of your list? Burn out might be catching up with you earlier than you can imagine.
  3. Know your own rhythm. What time of the day do you have to most energy? Plan the most important tasks for that time of the day. Schedule important meetings, client presentations, negotiations for this time if possible. We all have low-energy periods during the day. The after lunch drop of productivity is legendary and maybe you suffer from it, too. Do you feel angry at yourself and suffer through this period? No need to beat yourself up! Why don’t you plan activities that require less brain power but more routine for these early afternoon hours?
  4. Know what you want! What do you want? Do you have a very clear answer? If not, I suggest taking an hour off your busy schedule and brainstorm what you would love to have and enjoy in your life. No limits to this exercise – just dream away during enjoying the golden sunshine of September. Then the next day, take a look at your notes from your brainstorming sessions and select a few that you decide to work on in the next 4 months. Concentrate on 3-5 goals, not more, please! Otherwise you program overwhelm into your days from the beginning.

The Golden Autumn is inviting you to make your dreams a reality! Add your yoga classes to your schedule now and say Hi at the studio! We can’t wait to meet you at Clayton Yoga.



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