Susan Hanford’s Passionate Why

Screenshot 2016-06-20 13.30.58 Read more here about our Clayton Yoga graduate Susan Hanford.  Susan graduated from Clayton Yoga Teacher Training in March 2016 and is so excited to share the benefits of yoga with many!  I have always been a student. So I went in search of other teachers rarely finding them in school. During high school years […] Continue reading →

Passionate Why: Laura Heizer

Screenshot 2016-06-14 17.14.35   The following blogpost is the Passionate Why for Laura Heizer, Clayton Yoga Teacher from Montana!  Laura found out about Clayton Yoga training program online and contacted her husband’s military program, MyCAA.  The military went on to sponsor Laura’s training and Laura is very eager to return back to Montana and share all her new found […] Continue reading →

What Makes Clayton Yoga Unique

yoga-682360_640 Clayton yoga started nearly 13 years ago!  Hard to imagine, our little yoga studio has served the Clayton community for over 13 years. In the Beginning Clayton yoga, began with a vision to bring greater peace, joy, and support for the local Clayton and St. Louis residents. Yoga is accessible for all types, backgrounds, and levels. […] Continue reading →

Passionate Why for Allison McDonald

Screenshot 2016-06-01 10.51.08 Allison McDonald will graduate from Clayton Yoga Teacher Training June 17th, 2016 and teach for Clayton Yoga serving up two different yoga classes to corporate clients here in St. Louis.  Read more here about Allison McDonald’s passionate why for practicing and teaching yoga.  Enjoy! The root of passion always starts with some sort of inspiration, drive, […] Continue reading →

What’s New with Clayton Yoga!

Luisa What’s New with Clayton Yoga! Would you like to enrich 2016 with learning new skills and become a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher? Well, we have great news to share! This summer, we will be presenting two very special summer yoga teacher training immersion courses. June is coming up quickly and we have two spaces […] Continue reading →

A Hero named Christ

Screenshot 2016-05-06 09.50.57 A Hero Named Christ In the last two thousand years there has been one man who has influenced me more than any other. He is a true Super-hero, and he is called the Christ, the Living God. Like all Super-Heros, he performed feats no other men could perform. He raised the dead, he healed the […] Continue reading →