Healing Feelings

gladys Dr. Gladys Smith is a Licensed Clinical Counselor and Masters Addictions Therapist. She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher and received her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance certification training at Clayton Yoga. Gladys Smith will be presenting specialty workshops at Clayton Yoga and if you are interested in working privately with Gladys, feel free to contact […] Continue reading →

7 Ways to Grow Within Clayton Yoga Teacher Training

IMG_6636 A few months ago, we published a blogpost for new Clayton Yoga teacher trainees. Its title was “Ten Key Preparation Steps in Preparing for Clayton Yoga Teacher Training” or this link here, http://claytonyoga.com/10-key-action-steps-to-a-great-yoga-teacher-training-course/. We wrote these ten key steps to help establish both readiness for the training as well as deepening one’s connection to a […] Continue reading →

What Yoga Training Can Do And Cannot Do!

DSC06280 There is so much discussion lately about the benefits of yoga, one might mistakenly assume that all yoga teachers actually do walk on water. Read more below about the realistic outcomes one might expect from a great yoga teacher training. Please note, this blogpost is written by Michelle Maue, lead yoga international teacher trainer, with […] Continue reading →

Feeling Blue?

apples-980738_640 Do you feel a bit sad, feeling out of sorts, detached and plain moody nowadays? This might be the results of the changing seasons. Lack of sunlight has an impact on our moods. The good news is that there are natural ways to support us to feel better. Let’s look at a few natural methods […] Continue reading →

50 Questions – Journaling Inspiration

pen-994464_640 We believe in the healing power of journaling. It is one of the methods we use in our yoga teacher training courses to help absorbing the curriculum. Plus we recommend our yoga students to get into the habit of journaling to experience the wonderful healing properties of this practice. Even if you are an experienced […] Continue reading →

100 Days To Go

apple-16672_640 We are nearly down to the last 100 days of 2015. On September 23rd we can begin the countdown: 100 days, 99 days, 98 days and so on….till this year ends. How was your year so far? Did you manage to change some parts of your life for the better? Any great breakthroughs? Big changes? […] Continue reading →