Surfing the Urge Part One

Amanda Walker 2 The following blogpost is written by Amanda Stutz, a powerful and transformative therapist who understands well the temptations one feels their own emotions find no container. It is as if the ability to regulate or tolerate the circumstance is not there. Or the belief that we are indeed separate when we are not. Amanda Stutz […] Continue reading →

The Power of the Clan

hearts-671974_1280 Michelle Maue, practitioner of yoga and owner of Clayton Yoga, writes in this blogpost why she loves teaching yoga more than the first day she began 17 years ago. Of all healing modalities, Michelle finds, group support measures best. Join any yoga class and you will find that there are students just like yourself wanting […] Continue reading →

Frances Coburn’s Passionate Why

Frances Coburn At a YMCA class over a year ago, the instructor asked, “Does anyone want to teach yoga?” I didn’t hesitate. Yes, was my response. I became NETA certified through on-line courses and in-house Y training, and have taught 2-3 classes a week since. Yoga has been part of my life for over twelve years. While […] Continue reading →

Inspiration For The Summer

inspire47 Summer is the time of relaxation, taking it easy and enjoying the long hot days. But even during summer we need inspiration to continue with our projects, taking step after step in the direction of our most cherished dreams. Did you know that images are much easier to “consume” than written text? Especially if you […] Continue reading →

Yin Yoga Workshop with Alyssa Ward

alyssa Alyssa Ward has been teaching as a yoga instructor at Clayton Yoga since 2010 after she received her 200-hour certification. She teaches an open level Vinyasa style class on Friday evenings from 4:30-5:30pm. Alyssa also delivers Yin yoga workshop to our Yoga Teacher Training students during the training. We asked Alyssa about her experience with […] Continue reading →

A Deeper Connection

Amanda Stutz Clayton Yoga features Amanda Stutz, extraordinary yoga teacher in training with Clayton Yoga. Read more about her passionate why here! “To me, yoga is a way of life. Yoga is living in harmony with self, others, and the environment. Yoga is a means of coming back to oneself through mindful awareness, breath work, and connection […] Continue reading →

Yoga Clothing

yoga-682360_640 Started taking yoga classes? Awesome for you! We are sure one of the first questions you ask yourself: what to wear at class? Wearing comfortable clothes makes performing the poses that much easier for you. And of course you want to look great while wearing any type of workout gear. You want to make sure […] Continue reading →

Yoga Equipment

yoga-263673_640 Yoga can be practiced almost anywhere without a lot of equipment – this is one of the best thing about yoga. Do you need anything hi-tech or fancy in order to start practicing yoga? Of course not! All you really need is the desire and a good attitude to get started. Still you might need […] Continue reading →

Images to Inspire You

take action It’s time for inspiration! Let our selected images and the quotes inspire you today to reach for your goals and take action towards your dreams today and  every day. The quotes in the images are listed below. Here are the qoutes from the images: “Begin new trails instead of following old paths.” “If it doesn’t […] Continue reading →

From Sleepwalking To Miracles

Margeau Enjoy the Margeau’s story of transformation from sleepwalking through life to experiencing miracles! She is in Clayton Yoga’s Teacher Training course and getting ready to create beautiful yoga classes for the community. “One day I woke up and realized that I had been sleepwalking my way through life–despite the spiritual life I appeared to be […] Continue reading →