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Yoga Teacher Training Courses 2015

Specialty Workshop Series

What’s Happening in February at Clayton Yoga?


Let’s look at the highlights for February! Clayton Yoga Classes are now introducing Yoga Nidra! Richard Miller, one of the great leading experts in this field, has developed an “Irest” program which targets individuals who suffer from Post Traumatic Disorder. Very interestingly, from a recent book published by Mark Epstein, who lives in NYC, titled, […]

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What’s New at Clayton Yoga?


Skype Yoga is now being offered at Clayton Yoga! Is it difficult to get away from the office, do you feel rushed to make it to your yoga class? Is the weather or traffic making it difficult to get to class? Well, we have a great new solution. All of our teachers at Clayton Yoga […]

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Bring Your Higher Love


Both male and female forces reside in each of us and it is in living our life at the edge with compassion that we ignite our ‘inner hero’. When you watch a box office adventure movie or read a good book, you easily identify with the hero because it moves your soul. You leave and […]

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Plan 2015 The Right Way


As 2015 approaches you might be thinking of all the great plans you have for the New Year. The last few days of the year are usually devoted to think back all the meaningful, happy, sad, challenging or nurturing experiences in your life this year. How many plans can you pack in a year? It […]

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Happy Holidays!


Written more than 500 years ago and still this beautiful message is relevant today more than ever. Enjoy! Christmas Letter by Fra Giovanni Giocondo (1513) “I am your friend and my love for you goes deep. There is nothing I can give you which you have not got, but there is much, very much, that, […]

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2014 Reflection


How is 2014 treating you? Did you have a good year? Or are you happy to see the year coming to an end and wishing for something better next year? Before you begin making new plans for 2015 it is essential that you take a few minutes to reflect about this year. In order to […]

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90 Minute Thai Yoga Massage at Clayton Yoga


Thai Yoga Massage is a 2,500 year old practice that has ancient roots in holistic healing. Thai Yoga is a unique form of sacred bodywork which combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, yoga stretching, gentle twisting, energy work and meditation to achieve balance, well-being and inspired living. Thai Yoga includes but is not limited to Ayurveda, massage, […]

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Meditation And Stillness


Do you find the topic of meditation interesting? Would you like to learn more about this ancient art? Do you feel you need to do complicated poses or get to a yoga studio to practice mindfulness? We gathered a few lesser known videos around stillness, mediation for you to enjoy! Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe wants […]

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