Yoga Give Us So Much Energy!

sun-flower-209613_640 Your body is comprised of over 50 trillion living cells. Yoga is simple a set of exercises devised 2,500 years ago which reintegrates the mind, breath and body. When we breath deeply for example from the belly and expel toxins, we instantly feel calmer and more relaxed. By providing each practitioner with a practice of […] Continue reading →

Want to Deepen Your Practice of Yoga?

pier-349672_1280 Imagine getting Yoga Alliance certificated in 2015 and being ready to teach anywhere in the world? Also, what about simply wanting to get really good at practicing yoga, learning how to create your own yoga sequence and be in the best shape of your life? Whether your seeking to become a teacher of yoga or […] Continue reading →

New Adventures

tulips-21690_1280 March has just begun and you know spring is just around the corner. Spring can be the most energizing time of the year. If you are looking for new beginnings, this is your time! Getting on a new path can be scary, too! To leave the well-known pathway and embark and a new adventure can […] Continue reading →

More Natural Relaxation Techniques

lavender-411696_640 Searching for natural ways to feel relaxed and calm? Wanting to leave stress behind even for just a period of time? In our last blogpost we discussed the benefits of enjoying a relaxing massage regularly. Would you like to know more about the wonderful Thai Yoga massage we offer at Clayton Yoga Studio? Visit our […] Continue reading →

Relax With Thai Yoga Massage!

massage-599476_1280 It is essential for your well-being to find time for relaxation! Relaxation is so important because it gives your body time to recover from all those sleepless nights, and filled-to-the-brim busy days plus all the stress that comes with our modern lifestyle. No matter what is causing the most stress in your life, you simply […] Continue reading →

What’s Happening in February at Clayton Yoga?

massage-599476_1280 Let’s look at the highlights for February! Clayton Yoga Classes are now introducing Yoga Nidra! Richard Miller, one of the great leading experts in this field, has developed an “Irest” program which targets individuals who suffer from Post Traumatic Disorder. Very interestingly, from a recent book published by Mark Epstein, who lives in NYC, titled, […] Continue reading →

What’s New at Clayton Yoga?

buddha-525883_1280 Skype Yoga is now being offered at Clayton Yoga! Is it difficult to get away from the office, do you feel rushed to make it to your yoga class? Is the weather or traffic making it difficult to get to class? Well, we have a great new solution. All of our teachers at Clayton Yoga […] Continue reading →