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Clayton Yoga Studio

Yoga Teacher Training Courses 2014

Specialty Workshop Series

Practice Yoga At Any Age


There is really no age limit to practicing and teaching yoga. So many inspiring yoga practitioners and instructors who still enjoy yoga’s benefits in their 70s, 80s and even above 90 years old. We gathered a few videos to share the spirit of yoga at any age! Transformation through yoga can happen at any age [...]

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“Awakening the Giant Within” by Katie Payne

Katie Payne

In our yoga teacher training, we often ask our students to describe what makes them feel like a giant.  Please read this wonderful essay written by Katie Payne who recently graduated from Clayton Yoga Summer Teacher Training Intensive. “Many instances in my life have allowed me to “feel like a giant”: to feel joyful, enthusiastic, [...]

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Practice Mindfulness Today!


Being mindful means being focused on the present. Paying active attention to what is happening in the present moment without judging it at all. Leaving all evaluation behind, just being present and observing what is. For once not thinking about what will be or what should be, what was or what should have been…. Stepping [...]

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Yoga Quotes For Your Soul


Sometimes a truly inspirational quote can do more good for your soul than reading a whole book. We have gathered a few favorite quotes around yoga, meditation and health. Life can be found only in the present moment. The past is gone, the future is not yet here, and if we do not go back [...]

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Become A Yoga Teacher Still In 2014


Would you like to become a yoga instructor and fulfill your dream? At Clayton Yoga we run 4-5 Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour yoga teacher training programs per year. We love training new teachers! In 2014 we had 3 groups graduating already. Our July Intensive course will begin in a few days’ time. We published our [...]

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Summer Fruit Fun


Let’s enjoy the taste of summer! Eating healthy and light is very important for all yoga practitioners – before and after yoga class. Summertime offers so many excellent ways to add more fruit to your diet. Fresh fruit is full of goodness! We gathered some of our favorite ways to eat more fruit every day. [...]

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The Best Of St. Louis Corporate Yoga


At Clayton Yoga we truly believe in bringing yoga to the workplace. All the wonderful benefits of yoga can be yours even if you have no time to come to the studio. Corporate yoga programs give employees the option to take a class in their lunch break once or twice a week. Of course courses [...]

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Health And Wellness Affirmations


Do you believe in the power of affirmations? We gathered 30 powerful affirmations for attaining optimal health and wellness you can use every day to attract abundant health and wellness. How can you use these affirmations? Add them to your Vision Board. Pick one of them, write it up on a small piece of paper [...]

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Summer Yoga


The hot summer months are here and you might be thinking: “It is just too hot to practice during the summer months. I will be back in September.” Are you ready to give up yoga for the summer? Don’t! Three good reasons to keep up yoga this summer: You need the energy boost yoga gives [...]

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Awakening My Own Giant

Amy Holborow

Meet Amy Holborow, a Clayton Yoga Teacher in training this summer who writes about finding her own inner giant and how this shift has awakened in her a new life full of energy. “Feeling like a giant in the literal sense is something I have rarely felt given that I am barely 4’11, however I [...]

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