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Clayton Yoga Studio

Yoga Teacher Training Courses 2015

Specialty Workshop Series

Inspiring Gratitude Quotes


Let’s devote November to expressing gratitude to all the gifts, experiences, surprises life delivers on our doorsteps every day. We gathered a few inspiring quotes for you to ponder. At Clayton Yoga Studio we are grateful to YOU for supporting our studio for more than a decade! Thank you! “I would maintain that thanks are [...]

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Small Act Of Kindness


Sometimes it only takes one small act of kindness and your day transforms from bad to great in matter of seconds. Would you like to help your friends and family to feel better and enjoy life? Pick a small act of kindness from the list below. Give a bigger than usual tip! And share your [...]

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Gandhi’s Wisdom And Inspiration


We all need a good dose of inspiration from time to time. One of our favorite source of wisdom is Mahatma Gandhi’s life work. We love his commitment to remaining a gentle spirit in face of adversity. His command of respect and strength is still an aspiration to many. Let’s celebrate his life this week! [...]

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Meditation And Mindfulness


Meditation is a wonderful practice we recommend to try to all our students. Being able to meditate regularly brings so many benefits to our lives. Meditation will not only bring more awareness and mindfulness into your day, it will also help you react in a more positive manner to situations you encounter. Practicing meditation often [...]

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Would you Like to Be A Rockstar of Kindness?


Welcome to Clayton Yoga Studio. At Clayton Yoga, we offer daily drop-in yoga classes, yoga teacher trainings, and corporate onsite wellness yoga classes since 2003. Clayton Yoga’s founder, Michelle Maue, began practicing yoga and found a new love for life! According to Pantanjali, author of The Yoga Sutras, practicing Yoga gives each of us access [...]

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Commit To Well-Being


Would you like to live a healthy, joyful life? All of us can reach this goal – we just need to commit to living such life. What is commitment? It is the willingness to invest your time and energy in something that you believe in, a firm decision to do something. Commitment isn’t something we [...]

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