Clayton Yoga Graduate Testimonial

Screenshot 2016-05-04 16.01.30 The Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training with Clayton Yoga are Great! Enjoy reading the benefits of Clayton Yoga Teacher Training from a graduate standpoint.  Sarah Slattery describes the benefits of Clayton Yoga Teacher Training in this part one of two blogpost series. We hope you enjoy reading!  For information about our upcoming Clayton Yoga Teacher […] Continue reading →

Clayton Yoga Passionate Why: Sarah Slattery

IMG_1597 Passionate Why Essay Clayton Yoga recently celebrated the graduation of 6 more awesome yoga teachers! The following blogpost is written by a most beautiful and recent Clayton Yoga Teacher Graduate.  We hope you enjoy reading about Sarah Slattery’s Passionate reason for teaching and practicing yoga. I don’t heal the body. The body heals the body. I […] Continue reading →

Nothing Doing

hearts-671974_1280 Why Thai Yoga Massage? This blogpost is the second of a two blogpost series discussing the benefits and tips we may all enjoy receiving from Thai Yoga Massage.  Increasing energy elevates our mood, motivation and inner muse!  When we take the time for yoga, we align to something bigger.  Making better lifestyle choices helps us […] Continue reading →

Clayton Yoga Serves Up Thai Yoga Massage!

cloud-600224_640 Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage Traditional Thai Yoga massage are endless.  This ancient form of therapeutic healing brought to Thailand over 2000 years ago by Ayurvedic doctors and Buddhist monks.  The following blogpost is one of a two part series illustrating the myriad of ways Thai Yoga Massage benefits and tips to help you benefit […] Continue reading →