From Sleepwalking To Miracles

Margeau Enjoy the Margeau’s story of transformation from sleepwalking through life to experiencing miracles! She is in Clayton Yoga’s Teacher Training course and getting ready to create beautiful yoga classes for the community. “One day I woke up and realized that I had been sleepwalking my way through life–despite the spiritual life I appeared to be […] Continue reading →

Prenatal Yoga

woman-356141_640 Alyssa Ward, one of our yoga teachers at Clayton Yoga Studio just got certified as a prenatal/postnatal yoga instructor. Here is what she thinks about yoga practice during pregnancy: “I have recently expanded my knowledge of yoga through a weekend prenatal/postnatal certification. It was really interesting to learn about prenatal yoga more in-depth and I […] Continue reading →

Thai Yoga Massage Slows Us Down

sea-193803 Thai Yoga Massage about undoing knots and not tying new ones! We are energy beings! More and more people are getting interested in feeling good, making better steps toward health and becoming more reverent about our lives. According to Thomas Moore, famous author on Care of the Soul, “every human life is made up of […] Continue reading →

Gladys Smith – Clayton Yoga Teacher Trainer

gladys Gladys believes that wellness and balance in an individual’s life can be achieved through mindfulness practices and learning to accept the true you. Gladys Smith is an experienced world traveler, with over twenty years in the Army, a wellness counselor for over twenty years, and also an educator and counselor currently at Webster University. Gladys […] Continue reading →

Yoga – Peace and Happiness

Samantha Uelk Make your peace and happiness a priority today. Samantha Uelk shares her Passionate Why for taking our Clayton Yoga Teacher Training. She has begun her training in March and will graduate in August 2015. “Yoga came into my life at exactly the perfect time. I didn’t quite know it then, but looking back, it was […] Continue reading →

Your First Yoga Class

crocus-675490_640 You decided to give yoga a try! Awesome! Here are our best tips to make your first class an awesome experience! Did you know that in April we gift you with a free yoga class voucher you can use till May 15th? Just look for the yellow box on the right side and sign up […] Continue reading →

Building on Small Successes

blackboard-398453_640 Reaching any of your goals means staying motivated. The same is true if you would like to build a consistent yoga practice. Along the way you will have successes and difficulties. It can be tempting to give up when you face challenges. Some days it is just too tempting to stay home and not make […] Continue reading →

Yoga Give Us So Much Energy!

sun-flower-209613_640 Your body is comprised of over 50 trillion living cells. Yoga is simple a set of exercises devised 2,500 years ago which reintegrates the mind, breath and body. When we breath deeply for example from the belly and expel toxins, we instantly feel calmer and more relaxed. By providing each practitioner with a practice of […] Continue reading →