The Temptation to Quit

back-18713_640There is a dangerous temptation I would like to warn you about in this blogpost. I am sure you have seen this happening or even noticed yourself making this mistake. You set a goal, you work towards it and then comes a point when you are ready to walk away and give up totally on your goal.

We see it happen at the studio: new yoga students enthusiastically beginning with yoga classes, enjoying the new experience, taking classes every week…. Then something happens and they decide yoga is not for them and they are ready to walk away. Have you ever felt this way?

Don’t give up on yoga!

We suggest to new students to take at least 10-12 classes before making the decision to continue practicing yoga or not. Yoga is not a quick fix. One class might leave you more relaxed but it definitely not enough to enjoy long term benefits.

Isn’t this the same with everything worth doing? When you first began reading books as a kid… the first book might have taken a long time to finish and considerable concentration on your part. If you decided to read another book, and another… with every book you read, you enjoyed the experience more and more.

Have you ever taken up a new hobby? Sure you went through the same process.

It is so sad to see that some people give up just before reaching their goals. Taking one more chance, taking one more class could have changed the outcome totally…. But many quit right before that happens.

If you are new to yoga and would like to give a serious try to yoga practice, here is our best advice: buy our 12 class card! This gives you enough time to experience the benefits of yoga and by the time you took all those classes, you are in the best position to decide if this for you or not.

If you take only 4-5 classes as a beginner and then never come back to the studio, you could be losing out on valuable positive change as a result of the practice.

Look at these two testimonials from our yoga students!

[box type=”download” size=”medium” style=”rounded” border=”full” icon=”none”]“I had migraines up to 16 times a year before.  Since starting yoga 7 months ago, I’ve had 2!  I’m off my migraine maintenance medication, and only have pain meds for migraines now.”  Kathy[/box]

[box type=”download” size=”medium” style=”rounded” border=”full” icon=”none”]“I lost 40 lbs over the past year.  Yoga has helped me lose and maintain the weight loss and made me much stronger in the process.  I love yoga!”  Darlene Rich[/box]

Next time you feel the sudden pull of giving up, remember this Chinese proverb:  “The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.”

If you feel that temptation, please know you are so close to your goals. Don’t stop just before the finishing line. Keep practicing… one pose at a time…. It is worth the effort!

Never, ever give up!



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