Yoga Teacher Training Courses 2016

In addition to offering regular yoga classes to the public, Clayton Yoga also offers 200 Hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training for all those interested in becoming a yoga instructor as well as those interested in increasing the quality of their life.  

Since 2004, Clayton Yoga has graduated over 550 yoga students internationally.   

Clayton Yoga Teacher Training gives you the basic tools to learn how to practice Vinyasa Yoga safely. This practice combines both breath with sacred movement.

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Accessing your center, you will bring sacred movement not just to your mat, but to your entire day.

Clayton Yoga Teacher Training is especially effective to show you how to teach all levels yoga class anywhere: from gyms to schools, big companies and yoga studios.

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Do please remember to bring datebooks to your first workshop as we will set up the remaining 6 weekends with the group!

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If you are interested to be part of one of our yoga teacher trainings, please call Michelle at  314-630-1677!


For more information on our International Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour teacher training courses, check out our new Clayton Yoga International site:!


Clayton Yoga, since 2004, has graduated over 550 yoga students internationally.  Michelle Maue, has 5 years as a professional tennis player and over 14 years experience as a corporate and studio yoga owner.  You are welcome to join us as we create a loving, playful and highly supportive atmosphere where each and every student is encouraged to go at their own pace.

Vinyasa yoga, combines breath and sacred movement to help you find your ‘inner mojo’ and deep relaxation.  Clayton Yoga Teacher Training gives you the basic tools to learn how to access your center and utilize yoga breath bringing sacred movement not just to your mat, but your entire day.  Vinyasa movement is especially effective for deepen one’s personal practice or teaching at gyms, schools, corporate or yoga studios.


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  1. Mary Beth Wilczak says:

    I am interested in your teacher training courses.

  2. Happy New Year Mary Beth.
    I just saw your interest in our yoga teacher training program on the website. Would you like to stop by for a yoga class sometime? Just an idea I had. I think you would really enjoy yourself!!!…
    Thank you!
    Michelle Maue

  3. Healthy, glowing skin. I don’t know if it’s a coinidence, but my skin is flawless, I look awake and fresh. Perhaps it’s to do with the fact that I also sleep better, but even so, I am happy and it is all thanks to yoga. Greetings, Jennifer

  4. nice blog Through Yoga we can change our life and also it gives us peaceful & fresh mind…… and i like training courses

  5. I read this blog and like it. Thanks for the blog posting.

  6. What type of yoga you’ll teach? Hot or some else?