No Instant Tea

tea-106349_640One of the most important problems we face today is our desire for instant results. We are so used to get instant everything: instant tea, instant coffee, instant meals, instant messages… we forgot the art of being patient.

Everything has to happen NOW. We don’t want to miss a thing, either. Have you ever taken your phone to the bathroom with you? Then you know what I am talking about.

Did this instant age we are living in add to you quality of life? Or did we get just more stressed as a result?

Being able to wait a few minutes became an art. An art that only few are willing to engage with.

Do you remember those old rotary phones? It took a few seconds for the dial to reset itself before you could dial the next digit. Then came the touch phone… and now we have touch to call.

Instant calling works wonders if we are in a hurry – and we are always in a hurry nowadays. But “instant” has its limitations!

Have you tasted instant tea? How does it compare to the tee that is prepared in the traditional way? Usually the instant variety doesn’t measure up against the tea you took 10 minutes to prepare. Same with instant coffee. Why do you think is Starbucks thriving? Customers are more than willing to wait in line and pay extra for a nice coffee.

We also expect instant results from any exercise program we begin. Such false hope. There is no program or system that will deliver that 10 pound weight loss you are looking for in an instant. Or even in 3 days.

When you first try yoga, you might also feel the desire to get instant results. But yoga is no instant cure.

In our last blogpost we talked about the temptation to quit yoga after taking just a few classes. Our advice is to take at least 10-12 classes to experience the wonderful benefits yoga will deliver for you.

This month we came up with a very special HOT deal that will help you tremendously to stay motivated and stay the course!

When you purchase a 10 or 12 class card, we gift you a 4-class card free of charge! This way you can enjoy 14-16 classes at our Clayton Yoga Studio! Our 10 and 12-class cards are valid for 3 months. The extra 4 classes you will be able take till the end of 2013.

This is such a great opportunity to make sure that you get the benefits you are looking for – you will have at least 14 if not 16 classes to take till the end of this year!

To take advantage of this August special, please purchase your 10 or 12-class card as usual through our secure shopping cart here. You will get your 4-class card gift at the studio.

If you have any questions about practicing yoga at our studio or about this promotion, please feel free to call us at 314-630-1677.

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