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learn-64058_640Ever thought about becoming a yoga teacher? Would you like to immerse yourself deeper in practicing yoga and help others in the process? Our Clayton Yoga Teacher trainings make it possible to live your dream!

We just added a new page to this site for an easy overview of our upcoming teacher training courses.

UPCOMING Yoga Teacher Trainings

TrainingEarly Bird DeadlineLocationStatus
Fall 3 Month Yoga Teacher Training starting September 23rd-25th, 2016July 18th, 2016St. Louis6 places left
Fall 3 Month Yoga Teacher Training, October 28th-30th, 2016 July 18th, 2016St. Louis8 places left

Our last local training in 2013 will begin September 21st-22nd and you still have a chance to get Yoga Alliance certified this year! If you are interested to begin your learning this fall, please set up a totally free phone consultation with Michelle. Get all the info on this page here.

If this September course doesn’t fit your schedule, we opened the registration to our Winter course beginning January 18th + 19th, 2014.

Something exciting is happening next June! We will host our first yoga teacher certification course in Guatemala at the Villa Sumaya (Lake Atitlan). Check out the initial info on this training.

We have added two exciting new “ingredients” to our teacher trainings in the last few weeks.

New private training site: this is a brand new website dedicated to help current students and recent graduates to deepen their knowledge and give an extra layer of engagement to the course materials. We know it is so easy to miss a finer point during our training days, now you can go back to the training site and revive your memory and deepen your learning.

As soon as you become a student in one of our yoga teacher training programs, you get access to this site and can keep enjoying the benefits it offers up to 6 months after your graduation date.

We invested a lot of time, money and energy to bring this outstanding extra to you! Hope you will use this resource often.

Yoga marketing training: The number of the yoga marketing webinars increased to 3 with “hot seat” coaching sessions added to the mix. We have a curriculum but are open to discuss new topics, too. All you have to do is voice what you are interested in and Judit Mueller-Kiss, our marketing expert will prepare an awesome training to meet your needs. Now, how many other yoga teacher trainings can offer you this type of benefit? Not many, we know… that is why it is an essential part of our courses!

All our marketing trainings, handouts, worksheets you will able to find in the private training site, too.

A few months ago we created Clayton Yoga International ( to gather all the information on our new international trainings. We share great articles every week on the blog around becoming a yoga instructor, the inner work involved in the process and yoga business among other exciting topics.

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Our passionate why? We believe in the deep healing benefits of yoga and would like to share it with the world. The best way to achieve this mighty goal is to train awesome yoga teachers around the globe who are able and willing to change lives wherever they work and live.




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