Your Creative Sanctuary – Your Yoga Class

creativity-70192_640Create new, experience and enjoy your being to the full – isn’t this why we are here? It is so easy to forget about the joy creation brings us in the gray days of everyday life.

The good news is that the ability to create is an inherent talent we all have. Being creative is natural and not something we need to learn.  We just need to remember!

Did you know that we get creative ideas when we forget about the “hows” and “whys”? All those great ideas are waiting to happen when we are relaxed and not at all searching for ideas. When we can let the “need” go and open up the doors for possibilities to enter!

Many breakthrough ideas were born in the shower. The water not just cleaning your body but also washing away tension and stress which in turn gives your creativity to chance to blossom.

So next time you have a tricky problem to solve… give yourself some time in the shower. Not just the 2-3 minute quick shower but 10-15 minutes of pure enjoyment. Let your mind wonder or just concentrate on the sensation of the water washing away your worries. Not expecting anything in return. Opening up to seeing possibilities where only problems existed a few minutes ago.

You will be surprised how many good ideas will appear out of “nowhere”. Now you just have to jot the down so you will not forget them. Keep a notebook and pencil in the bathroom so you can easily catch your brilliant thoughts.

Is there any other magical places for your blossoming creativity? Taking a walk in nature will also invite new ideas. Your brain activity changes while walking making it possible for innovative ideas to form. With every step you take you sort through issues and problems you have. With each step you connect to the source of solutions – your magical creative power. You will get clarity and unexpected solutions.

Can you enjoy a creativity boost during your yoga class? Yes! Through the mindful breathing and movement you will be able to let go of every day junk clouding your brain. You will relax into being able to look behind the obvious and search for the unexpected.

Next time you come to class, bring a question with you! State the question at the beginning of class to your self – you don’t have to share with all the students. Then let your question go…. Don’t focus on it at all during class, don’t try to grab at forming ideas. Just be in the practice. Trust that you will get ideas around the best solutions for your concerns.

Open your mind up the magic of creation without attachment to the outcome. Enjoy being without expectations.

Let the flow of yoga postures give you different perspectives. Send your mind wondering, making connections, and exploring options that are not visible to your stressed self. Of course keep a small notebook nearby so you can take notes right after class. You can also record your thoughts and ideas on your mobile phone so you don’t forget them.

Your yoga class can be your creative sanctuary! Why not give this a try next time you come to the studio? Oh, you are not a member yet at Clayton Yoga? Let’s remedy this right away! It is so easy to purchase a yoga class cardjust go to our secure shopping cart.

Let creativity flow at our yoga studio!



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