Corporate Yoga Benefits

Natalie WarrenNatalie Warren is a fabulous Office Representative of 13 years for St. Louis County and has enjoyed onsite corporate yoga classes with Clayton Yoga for nearly 3 years!  This blogpost is a testimonial about the benefits Ms. Warren has been receiving since practicing yoga with Clayton Yoga.

Ms. Warren works two jobs to supplement her income and finds the onsite corporate lunchtime yoga class very convenient.  Her primary reason for starting was simple curiosity.  She had heard about it and seen it on television.  Recommended by her nutritionist to try yoga in order to help her deal with a chronic back issue, Natalie Warren knew it was time for her to lose some weight.  She tried different exercises routines in the past like water aerobics but found it more time consuming.

When Natalie began taking onsite yoga classes in Clayton, she knew right away, this was it!  In addition to the everyday convenience of lunchtime yoga, Natalie also found the low cost extremely appealing.  She enjoys the spiritual aspect of yoga just as much as the regular exercise.

Life can be often very stressful but with yoga, Natalie remembers what is important and encourages other people to try it.  In yoga class, Natalie finds the much needed time to practice meditation.  She finds that she can now practice using her conscious breathing in difficult situations.  Natalie even coached her friend to practice trying the deep yoga breathing in order to get through a bad traffic jam.  Natalie finds that yoga helps her to shift from feeling frustrated in life to having more compassion all around for herself.   Natalie finds that this breathing stuff really works!

Ms. Warren also shares her yoga and wellness tips with her family and tells everyone about the great benefits that can be found with a regular yoga practice. No more back pain, abs much stronger and joints no longer ache are a few direct benefits she says she has experienced.  “I also used to be a lot tougher on myself.  I no longer find that I am that person who dwells on “should of’s” or “could of’s” and that yoga has helped me to just lighten up more!  I now seek out alternative ways to ensure that I get plenty of rest, and eat well.  I understand no one is perfect and when I do eat a potato chip or something I know I shouldn’t, I find I can let it go much easier and start again with go healthy lifestyle choices.”

Natalie is overall very grateful to St Louis County for making these yoga classes come to life.  “I highly recommend yoga to any beginner and also encourage you to take your time and practice at least 6-8 yoga classes before deciding whether this is right for you.”

Currently Clayton Yoga offers 11 weekly onsite corporate yoga classes.  If you would like to bring yoga to your workplace, simply give us a phone call, we would love to show you how easy it is to set something up!  We can be reached at 314-630-1677.  Namaste!


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