Yoga for Healthy Backs for Life!

Most people (80%) will suffer acute back pain some time in their life.  And many of the same people are told by the medical model to rest, and in extreme cases, undergo surgery to remove part of the spine.  Stress shunts circulation, creating stagnation and compression in the joints and circulatory body.  This means that if you suffer from back pain, the universe is sending you signals that it is time to release stress and tension from your life!

Moving the body safely through yoga postures, opens up meridians, or energy channels, allowing for the flow of toxins to be removed and health and balance restored.  Excessive seating or repetitive movement, walking or running can often lead to back pain.

Practicing 20 minutes of yoga per day can keep your back healthy.  Yoga provides the body with much needed stretches which open, circulate, and heal imbalances. Yoga creates a healthy posture, opens the hips, and strengthens the core. These are all excellent pillars of foundation for a nice, healthy back.

In this video, you will see 6 key yoga postures that are accessible for any age or background, level or lifestyle approach. These postures are also very challenging and can be held for longer periods of time, bringing up the resistance and tension and then remaining calm and focusing on the breath. Deep breathing when feeling sensation in the body leads to vitality, longevity and confidence in one’s own self.

Postures can be held 1-8 minutes though it is must common to hold for shorter times, holding postures for longer time, with greater sensitivity to one’s own edge will create meditation and a calm peaceful mind. After practicing these yoga postures regularly, you will be more productive, focused and feel a greater ease in your own body and as well as an enhanced positive outlook for life!  You may even be inspired to take more risks, create new projects and follow your passion.

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Let us help you create a healthy back today!…  NAMASTE.



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