Clayton Yoga Teacher Training Course in January 2013 – Registration Open

The upcoming local Yoga Teacher Training course (September 15th and 16th) is SOLD OUT, our next Yoga Teacher Training Course begins January 19th + 20th, 2013 is currently open for registration and our Laluna International  Yoga Training Course begins in May, 2013 held in the paradise of LALUNA RESORT, Grenada, West Indies.

How would you like to practice tools for finding your inner mojo and loving and living life more deeply? How would you like to heal and to learn that everyone in your life you have loved, you love still.

Love, as I am learning is a constant energy that does not begin and end. Each of the people in your life that you have loved whether for a day or a lifetime are a mirror of discovering your greater true self.

We stop ourself, when we get caught in the story of how things ought to unfold or how those good feelings of joy, bliss and equanimity have been blocked from us! Not true.

Our long teacher training days provide us with continuous reminders of this loving good energy.

First we begin to acknowledge that we are all magnificent souls waiting to fly…Though I have never jumped out of a plane, day one feels very similar. Many anxious feelings of what to anticipate. There is so much to do and yet, it has in many beautiful ways been done for us!

Wayne Dyer says that our thoughts co-create our reality. Then how can we think those great, juicy thoughts, right? Wayne Dyer also says, we must begin each morning on our knees, acknowledging their is a greater intelligence and life force wanting to work through us. I think I am beginning to understand, it has taken me many long painful attempts at trying falsely to be “the strong person” and now I realize the universe cannot assist me, if I don’t ask first.

Dropping to my knees each morning means allowing myself to be hurt, to feel weak, to find I am insecure, and to know how to navigate these feelings on my way back through god.

These teacher trainings have shown to me how lovely it is to be vulnerable, to allow myself space to not be perfect, to be in fact one part strong and one part weak.

When we begin at the beginning, we notice our breath, whatever we are doing, and we begin to get more present. It is in that moment that we can soothe and coax our deepest longing to come forth and to feel this universal guidance is with us. This constant companion whether we call it peace, or love or god, is always with us!

When I become inspired, get quiet, and finally listen (a big challenge), I feel new support, growth and empowerment knocking on the front door. The key is to get away from ego, from the dictator that says I know, or I need to appear as if I know. And when I can instead flow, be in this moment, each time is like a wonderful dance. A slip and slide, a circle, a week filled with ups and downs. What a beautiful journey my soul wants to take me, one in which keeps throwing me back in the places I need to own.

In so many beautiful ways, our teacher training days consists of many inspiring topics. And just the way the sun glimmers across the top of the ocean, our mind also finds new treasures and jewels of authentic power.

We can utilize these loving yoga postures to make lifestyle choices that service our spirit and capture our hearts…First we must empty, allow ourself to be open.

As our teacher training day unfolds, we begin our journey of living deeply and find our own sacred energy. First we practice yoga sequences, modifications, sanskrit and anatomy. Following lunch, we allow our body to take complete rest in Yoga Nidra. We even incorporate Thai Yoga Massage to further practice listening, receiving and trusting that our body does know the way.

Yoga is a 5,000 year-old practice that reintegrates the mind, breath, and body, providing each practitioner with an ability to recognize one’s own true nature: inner wholeness.

That wholeness happens, when we get in touch with the parts of our psyche that long to come home again and we find that it is okay to occupy groundlessness.

With this magic, mystery, intrigue we discover a new found availability to approach life’s challenges with greater ease and we grow!

To register for the LALUNA YOGA RETREAT or the next YOGA TEACHER TRAINING here in St. Louis, please refer to our main yoga teacher training page here.

Do you still have questions? Read our FAQ pages here.



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