Preregistration for the ST. LOUIS ART FAIR is now taking place! Everyone is welcome to attend this free event and when you sign up by calling 314-630-1677 or at the Clayton Yoga Studio, you will receive a free gift.

Please tell one of our yoga instructors that you wish to attend the ART FAIR and we will give you a gift bag with a candle, cream, dried flowers, notepads, and a free yoga class pass.

The dates for the ST. LOUIS ART FAIR are September 8th and 9th and our yoga demonstration will take place on the Forsyth Stage (next to Clayton Yoga Studio), Saturday and Sunday at 9:30-10:00 am.

Taking from our recently published book on yoga, Tantra Living: A Yogini’s guide to Happiness, art is yoga. From Chapter 3, titled Issues in our Tissues, the book says “Opening the body with sacred movements allows our defense system to soften and feel as if we can do anything.”

This is the paradox of life. Ghandi taught us by his own example that it is we ourselves who must break free. It is our own attachments that cause the suffering. What is challenging about walking the sacred path is not that we must gain something, but that we must be willing to let go.

Deepak Chopra explains the divine moving in us as us in the form of sacred art. He states:

“So where do we stand now?  On our own two feet – seekers must find proof that satisfies them, one person at a time. It’s not an easy journey, but it never was, except to those who preferred blind faith to personal exploration. The reason that the Kingdom of Heaven is within is that God is a state of consciousness; there is nowhere to look but within. The deity may be infinite, all-pervasive, and ever-present, but proof of God is on the move, shifting as fast as our own perceptions.” Deepak Chopra

When you are really present, something bigger begins to guide you, and helps you to make love with the planet. You take your time. You realize it is not about trying to get somewhere. When faced with challenge, take a deeper breath and allow the inner holiness within to help you expand and the circumstance of your life will follow. One of the main problems we all face in this field of constant change is aging.

Are we aging gracefully or busy distracting ourselves and accelerating the process? The purpose of yoga is to take it easy, to take gentle steps toward greater self-care and have faith in the continuity of its practice.

Please join us at the ART FAIR, for great art, great yoga, and great fun! Call 314-630-1677 to register! Everyone is invited.



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