Worrying About These Things During Yoga Class?

flowers-276014_640One of the major reasons we take up yoga is to relieve stress in our lives. To manage constant worry and tension building up inside. The last thing you want to do is add more worry and stress to life. But sometimes it does happen! You go to a class and succumb to thoughts that stress you out.

Now these worrying thoughts might have nothing to do with reality. Still it might get you anxious and not being able to concentrate during your class. So let’s deal with them now!

“I am not….. enough.” In variations of: I am not thin enough, flexible enough, not having enough experience, etc. Let’s face it, there is always somebody who has more flexibility than you or looks better in yoga pants. Does it have to mean that you cannot practice yoga? Not at all! And it would be crazy to let those “I am not enough” thoughts take the fun and serenity you get when practicing. You ARE enough!

“I am too……” In variations of: I am too old, I am too unhealthy, I am too fat to do yoga. Hmmm…. Who told you that? It is possible to find the right modification for any type of body in yoga. Of course you need a yoga teacher who is up to this challenge as a result of high quality education and an extended practice. One way to see if the yoga instructor is a true pro is to ask for modifications to address your special situation. In fact if you have any conditions, please let your teacher know about them in a private conversation so she/he can adjust the asanas she recommends for you.

“Everybody is looking at me and judges my moves and the way I look.” We are so used to being judged, we might see those “judging eyes” everywhere. In reality most of the yoga students in a class just don’t have the chance to spend much time looking at you. They need to concentrate on their own moves! Yoga needs you to be present and mindful of your movements, usually giving no chance to do much “checking out” others. We encourage you to practice deep focus and undivided attention to your body during any yoga class.

“I am not making progress.” The real question is what is progress for you? In yoga you “compete” against yourself. If you can keep a pose for 30 seconds today compared to 10 seconds 2 weeks ago…. you made great progress. We are all different, have different challenges in life. And yes it can happen that a fellow yoga student is amazingly fit and flexible – isn’t that a beautiful thing? Just keep focusing on yourself because you are front and center in your own yoga practice!

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