What is Vinyasa Yoga Style?

Yoga is not about how it looks.  It is about how it feels.  In our yoga classes, we encourage every student to close their eyes and listen to their own body.  When you breath, and stay with the breath, you will know your edge and get unstuck.

Vinyasa Yoga moves energy!  It is about waking up to those moments of setback, and discovering greater divinity.

Vinyasa Yoga means to link movement with breath.  In our classes and yoga training courses, we instruct how to combine movement with breath and honor our own individual and unique yoga practice.

Vinyasa Yoga is great for all level yoga students because most injuries are the result of the student lost the focus of the breath, not on what particular anatomy is happening.  If we become injured during a yoga practice, it is not because our alignment was not right, the real reason, is that we shift our attention elsewhere, we took our focus off of the breath.

Vinyasa yoga is a practice to return over and over again to the breath and purify the mind.  According to yoga, we have over 60,000 thoughts per day, many of which are completely redundant and impractical.  Meditating on the breath increases our awareness to notice the storyline in our head and not to get hooked.

Furthermore, no one knows your edge, not even your yoga teacher or some swami from India one hundred years old, YOU DO and yoga geared toward empowering you to understand the practice rather than convincing you to follow them is best!

In Yoga as in life, there is no real destination.  Instead the realization lies in honoring the setbacks, the disappointments and developing “new eyes of compassion”.  When you enjoy the movements and allow the breath to guide you – hat is the greatest magic on this planet.  Universal intelligence is always there and it is in those moments of potential reactivity or weaker areas that can then become a tremendous teacher into our own insight and ability to lead a path of excellence.

Vinyasa Yoga will show you how to breathe both inside and outside the yoga room, and address real everyday practical dilemmas and find new empowering ways to get strong!  The focus is not on the posture or getting somewhere and yet, the workout is intense and everyone feels that same potential to let their guard down, soften into the mysterious raw energy of the moment and feel empowered to follow one’s heart.  This style of yoga welcomes all levels of students from beginner to advanced in the same class.

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  1. Vinyasa is getting popularity day by day. It’s very effective for our physical and mental health.

    Nayeema Akter