Clayton Yoga Goes Global with Clayton Yoga International

Clayton Yoga is gearing up to take it’s Clayton Yoga International Teacher Training on the road. After being invited 3 times to the beautiful island of Grenada in the West Indies, Clayton Yoga is looking ahead to present it’s Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Yoga Course in other parts of the world like Tobago, Italy and Ireland.  Since 2010, we have graduated students from many various and beautiful places including Trinidad, Grenada, Mexico, and US.

Clayton Yoga has been building and expanding its wonderful local yoga class base offering over 10 yoga classes every week and 8 corporate yoga classes weekly.  We have also graduated over 350 yoga teacher trainers around the world.  Our local Yoga teacher training is held at our yoga studio located on the corner of Central and Forsyth Blvd in Clayton, Missouri.

Would you like to have a peek at one of our teacher training courses? Please watch this YouTube Video of our Laluna Yoga Teacher Training.

Yoga transforms.  When we feel stressed with deadlines and projects, and we do not take time to take deeper breaths, we identify with fear, which heightens anxiety.  When we take a minute or two, and simply breathe deep, then pause and exhale, we begin to feel again replenished from within.  The same is true of our body, when we stretch, we open up the tissues of our body and the knots and we allow trapped energy to flow again and release.  In the spirit of Pema Chodren, a Buddist Nun, we learn that the mind works in a very similar way.  Each insecurity that comes up carries within it a great deal of raw energy and power.  So it is those times of setback that can become tremendous opening opportunities to grow more enlightened, too.

The next time you feel stressed or cornered, take a deeper breath, and allow your awareness to shift yourself to a much more gentle and awakened perspective.  After all, the truth of the teaching is that the challenges arise to provide us with a road map toward our own liberation out of fear.  It is like a dance, one step back and two forward.   Winston Churchill once said, “Never Give Up”.

If you are thinking you might like a nice, long break, consider contacting us.  We would love to have a free 20 minute phone consultation with you and help you give yourself the gift of a nice yoga holiday package.  Yoga keeps our heart open and pure and reminds us of our loving, goodness and more empowered, free and joyous state for living.  What better gift to give yourself then a dedicated 3 week holiday to practice yoga all day each day and enjoy!

In our international yoga courses, we believe that the tools of yoga, namely instructing people on how to breathe is the best thing we can do for our body, our mind and our spirit. We will keep you posted with our new website shortly!

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