True Acts of Kindness is Happening All Around Us Today

samuel-67197_640Have you ever had one of those days when everything is going wrong?  No matter what you try, or where you go, nothing seems to fit.  Even yoga teachers have these kind of days. Then someone comes along, maybe a good friend, a relative or just a simple caring stranger who says hello. Suddenly, you feel lighter, more inspired and jangled nerves feel soothed again.

Setting the right vibrational container in our yoga teacher training, is being able to let go of our controlling tendencies to dominate or seek out magic bullets, and quick fix solutions.  We utilize the yoga props blocks, straps and bolsters to customize and support everyone at their own unique level.

From Day One, we have students collectively bring their worldview perspectives together, learn about the many benefits of the practice, and teach one another how to stay with the experience of this present moment.

Typically, we all learned and were educated in a setting that placed students at the same age, and asking them to compete with one another, placing them on a bell curve.  Naturally, we adapted to this hostile and in many way unkind environment, by becoming in many ways unhappy, fearful and controlling.

Maria Montessori, a famous and wonderful preschool teacher taught us the tremendous value of cooperative learning and how these type of community centered approach elevated greater absorption of the material and qualities of human kindness and trust.  We model in many ways our yoga teacher training similar to the Montessori Method.

Right from the start and throughout the training yoga course, we welcome and encourage all types of backgrounds, levels and abilities to seek greater commonality and cooperation with one another.  We have team buddies and from day one leave plenty of time each afternoon to pick and review one unique topic of interest from that day, and practice with your buddy.

Many researchers have found that learning and engagement greatly increase when there are high levels of warmth, empathy, group bonding and connectivity present.  The yoga anatomy lessons teach that although every single body has a unique and individual expression of a certain pose, we all benefit and improve our outlook on life with just a few deeper simple yoga breaths.  Every yoga pose also brings lasting and tremendous successful feelings our greater kindness to ourself as we learn about the inner workings of our own body.  Every bones, joints, muscles and ligaments for example has a unique and separate function and yet, when stretching correctly, and deep breathing, we find tremendous collaboration, inner resources and energy within.

After a nice long session of yoga, many students feel comfortable, they to open up and discuss the effects the power of kindness has when there are practicing yoga. In a group format, we share with each other just how profound it is to be with our weaknesses, too.  Personal setbacks in life often transform into opportunity to learn how to stay with and even more importantly honor our own window of tolerance.  There, the magic begins!

More and more, people are becoming interested in learning about everyday acts of kindness, and enjoying the healing effects of yoga and wellness.  We all want to learn how to be happier and better people.  Buddhism and yoga shows us that kindness is our sacred center and in times of great adversity and change, we can rest in the knowing that we are extraordinary individuals too.

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