Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

Everyone is welcome, November 17th, 2012, from 10 am to 12 pm!

Please join us for this oldest form of bodywork as rumor has it even the Buddha himself received “yummy” Thai Yoga Massage.

Thai Yoga Massage has ancient roots in holistic healing. Thai Yoga is a unique form of sacred bodywork which combines gentle twisting, rhythmic massage, acupressure, yoga stretching, energy work, and meditation to achieve balance, well-being and inspired living.

Thai Yoga Massage is practiced fully clothed without the use of oils or lotion. The instructor is fully certified in Thai Yoga Massage from Kam Thye at the Lotus Palm Centre in Montreal, Canada since Oct. 2006.

Many participants especially on their first visit are encouraged to come along with a friend or partner. Each person will spend about one hour being led through healing, instructive yoga postures which assist each person to enjoy a calm mind, joyful and blissful spirit.

Thai Yoga awakens compassion, enhances meditation, and is deeply relaxing.

Thai Yoga Massage moves students into an inner state of equanimity unlike any other modality because the emphasis is on the “METTA” or approach in which we give our partner gentle stretches. If done with loving kindness and meditation, than the receiver will feel bliss and the magic of Thai Yoga goes to work!

To prepare for Thai Yoga, please wear comfortable clothes and drink plenty of fresh water that day.

As in yoga, you will want to arrive with an empty belly and be prepared for excellent energy and meridian work. Enjoy! Everyone Welcome….

For more information on Thai Yoga Massage, please click here.

November 17th,  2012

10:00-12:00 pm, $45 per person

Sign up on-line, call us, or pay when you stop by!

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