Clayton Yoga’s 2nd Annual Yoga Presentation at the St. Louis Art Fair

The ST LOUIS ART FAIR is considered one of the top shows in the country. Event planner and director, Cindy Lerrick ( begins to get ready for this event all year round. Late in the evening on Thursday, September 5th, a building crew will block all traffic from 6 main local streets of downtown Clayton. With lots of hard work from the efforts of many, within just a few hours, the streets of Clayton will see poles and canvas, put together to help create 4 performing artist stages, 80 art exhibit booths and 20 restaurant and beverage stands.

On the last evening of the ART FAIR, there is a different crew of people will return and from 11pm to 4 am, and everything within view will begin to disappear again. Similar to the creation of Tibetan sand paintings where days of artistic design create beautiful and elaborate displays, only to then with their own very efforts, take the equally important job of wiping the slate clean.

Yoga and creativity can create abundance in our life. Yoga and Art slow us down. They remind us to focus on all that we have. With the right tools and a calm centered mind, we can create anything. Especially, I feel, for a more conservative area like Clayton, it is refreshing to see colorful, bright colors, and emphasis on art, not product.

There are pottery makers, painters, sculptors, and even hand crafted items such as wood boxes, and textile jackets. I think St. Louis is a fabulous town, however, a bit conservative so when the Artists arrive, it creates for me such a feeling of equilibrium and balance.

Street are blocked off, there are no cars to be found anywhere, and it’s just fun walking around meeting a new friend (like I did), or just bringing the kids for creative kiddie corner with fun kid activities of their own. Stroll around or take your time eye balling a beautiful piece of art. It’s a wonderful event and of course completely free of charge!

CLAYTON YOGA has been asked to present a 30 minute yoga demonstration on the Forsyth Stage, located just next to the Clayton Yoga Studio, 4 S. Central Avenue, #2, Clayton, Missouri, 63105. CLAYTON YOGA will begin its demonstration of yoga Saturday, September 7th from 9:30-10:00a, and Sunday, September 8th from 9:30-10:00a. Everyone is welcome no matter what your background or level. It will be lots of fun, and a great day together!

Please come out and join us for this fantastic event! No pre-registration is required.

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  1. Wonderful classes and dedicated teachers!

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