You Hold The Key To Your Destiny

Einstein once asked humanity what was the most important question in the world?

He then replied, “Do I live in a friendly or hostile universe?”. This is because he understood the power of our perception or thinking mind.

Practicing yoga in a beautiful setting like Grenada certainly does amazing things for your spirit, but even better than seeing beauty outside you, is finding beauty on the inside. Now that is a great accomplishment.

Life as I was taught from many wise people, is full of up’s and the down’s, and when I can detach and remain in my center, stay neutral and bless all of it, now that is a fantastic Sun Salutation on the beach in paradise!

Sure, it is easy to get hostile or judge yourself or others when you feel you are being ripped off, or taking advantage. If our own perception is the most important element which Einstein shows us (that it is), then finding the solution is always possible according to yoga, when we keep our attention on the breath.

It isn’t the hoarding or holding on that counts, it’s our own ability to let go, this is what will draw greater insight and meditation. So thank your teachers, including yourself, who provoke you, upset you, they are your teachers. Welcome them all, befriend them, each one and learn.

We deserve to learn how we hold the key to our destiny. And know paradise and friendliness is an inside job.


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