Non-Clinging and Allowing for Everyday Miracles

IMG_2657 ZacharyLet’s describe in detail how yoga and the practice of non-attachment might be applied to everyday livingReconnecting to spirit simply by breathing deeply and often can often bring about remarkable changes if you are willing to practice and just let go. The following yoga blogpost is written by Zachary Tucker and Michelle Maue, two fantastic yoga instructors at Clayton Yoga.

The liberation that can be attained through letting go of attachments is so simple.  However, in everyday application of non-attachment, we can at times grossly over complicate it.

Take Zachary’s own recent life experience as a beautiful illustration. Zachary shares: “In my everyday routine, I can grasp the concept of letting go and non-clinging; however, actively practicing non-clinging in every facet of my being proves to be rather difficult.  I can easily cling to a number of things, in a given day I’ve allowed circumstance to control the rest of my day, instead of viewing a given emotion or circumstance as passing and fleeting.

I feel that what I cling to most is my concept of self, what I am supposed to be, how I am supposed to live my life.  I cling to arbitrary constructs and limitations that I have created for myself in order to define myself.  From a young age I did not always know what I wanted to be.   I just knew I wanted to change the world.  I looked at developing myself in terms of changing the outside world first, then changing myself second.  From this way of trying to control, I noticed certain event and setbacks take place in my life.

There were even dark nights on this path and through this period in my life I even clung so vehemently, I became self-destructive.  I turned and twisted things back onto me…me, me, me.  With the concept of who I envisioned myself to be, shattered, I held to bitterness.  Clinging to the past and allowing it to take hold of my heart, I became stagnant and unable to appreciate living in the moment.

I still carry remnants of my past plans.  It is difficult to let go of oneself because I fear that in letting go I may lose myself and not be anything.  But, experiencing the breath, the stretch, new life force flowing in again, I am reconnected with a calm, still mind.  It is this place I discover over and over again in yoga that brings me incredible perspective and access to my own deeper true nature.  I discovered this joke – Do you want to make god laugh?  Well, then tell him your plans.   And just as the Buddha taught, to the degree we cling, is the degree to which we suffer and to the degree we let go, is the degree to which we experience greater freedom and joy once again!”

Zachary Tucker offers his students on going yoga instruction weekly on Saturdays, from 8:30-9:30am at Clayton Yoga. Michelle Maue offers her students on going yoga Friday mornings from 7:00-8:00am.

Everyone is welcome to join us and enjoy the practice the art of non-attachment too. For more information about Clayton Yoga or attending yoga class, please call Michelle at 314-630-1677.




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