How We Bring Soul into The World Through Yoga Teacher Training

IMG_2663Bringing yoga into our everyday world is a snap!  When we practice stretching and deep breathing, we begin to trust and work with abundant life-force energy. Vinyasa yoga brings the body and mind together, and ignites our spirit, opening up new space in the body for spirit to dwell.

Many years ago, Yoga had brought up to surface my nasty, horrible habit of my cigarette smoking.  I smoked because I was at war with the world.  I was angry and thought we were all eventually doomed.  I remember exactly where I was when I decided to quit for good.  I did it because yoga taught me to have compassion for myself and for others.  I felt inspired to make better choices and to become a better person.

Clayton Yoga Teacher Training is not about perfecting a posture. It is about testing your body and mind with yoga postures that are challenging, provocative and difficult.  All life is difficult the Buddha taught.  It is with this in mind, that we practice stepping to the edge repeatedly and remind ourself to reconnect again with the web of life.

We created a world-class yoga marketing program as part of the 200-hour yoga teaching course to help you thrive as a yoga teacher.  It is about cultivating a sacred everyday presence in whatever you are doing and wherever you go.    Everyone has their own perfect guidance system already.  Clayton Yoga‘s vision is to inspire this creative process and learn to market your passion.   There is more to running a successful yoga business than just being a highly skilled and respected yoga teacher. You need to think and act as an entrepreneur and this might pose a challenge for students.

As we move and stretch into these classically held postures, we learn just why breath is so good for us, and how different each body type is and ways in which to address and support those differences.  We teach you how to teach Vinyasa Yoga because of its versatility and compassion in supporting students of all backgrounds and ability.

Yoga captures the joy of who we are.  It has a focus on breath that helps us learn to just be.  There is a saying in yoga that “our issues are in our tissues”, which is also a way of saying that tension and traumatic incidents in our lives make our bodies rigid.  Yoga releases the issues, creates space, clarity, love, and support.

Yoga shows us how to take a different, new turn in our life and rewrite a whole new story. When we practice Vinyasa yoga from a loving space, we elevate our energy, draw the soul back into our everyday life and celebrate both life’s challenges and life’s ease and joy.  There inside that harmony, will we understand the Self, our inner light and create more light for the world. And working together, we build on team spirit, find personal potential and move mountains.

Whether your class or yoga practice is set in a vacation spot, a corporate building, or simply a fitness gym, you will learn how to motivate yourself, delight in your own practice and ultimately be a lighthouse for many others.

For more information about any of yoga classes, corporate onsite programs, or yoga teacher trainings, please contact Michelle 314-630-1677.


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