How Does The Clayton Yoga Class Card Work?

10926491_sWhat most of our clients like our our yoga classes is the convenience.  You can come and go as you like!  Here is the link again for our shopping cart:

“Instead of always harping on a man’s faults, tell him of his virtues.  Try to pull him out of  his rut of bad habits.  Hold up to him his better self, his real self that can dare and do and win out.”  Eleanor H. Porter

Our class cards can be purchased on-line or in our studio.  Every yoga class card is flexible and can be used for any of our yoga classes.  The yoga schedule is always kept current and up to date on this website on our Home page. When you purchase a class card, you have up to one year to use it!  After you come into the studio and initiate your first class, you will have between 30-60 days to take your classes.

To see our webpage with the current listing of Class cards, please go here: We do not have any gym membership joining fees or monthly fees.  We do not request you to be under contract.  After you buy a class card with us, we will record your name in our attendance book and keep track of your classes for you!  It is that easy.

One of our yoga students, Natalie Warren, finds a greater sense of calm in potentially stressful situations.  She finds now that she can take deep breaths at work which results in having more energy throughout the day.

At Clayton Yoga, we encourage you to try out many different classes and instructors.  All of our yoga teachers have graduated from our own yoga teacher training school.  When you think of coming to a particular class, do not feel pressured to return to the same class the following week, unless of course you would like to.  All of our yoga teachers are happy to offer you a hug as well.  The world is a much better place with a hug, don’t you agree?  So, additional hugs are available upon request.  There is no price tag with it!  We are simply very glad you are with us and interested in empowering yourself through yoga, breathing and meditation.

The most important thing to remember before purchasing your class card, especially for the first time, is to be patient with yoga.  As a new student, it is very important to remember to never judge yourself or the class until you have practiced at least for six to eight weeks.

Yoga is not about fixing something that is broken.  We are here to actually let go, learn to trust and surrender to the present moment.  Yoga in many ways is a beautiful process to help us create the conditions that allow for the process of awakening to occur.  So grab your yoga mat, purchase a class card, and come on over to our studio for a really fun time.

Be good, feel good, do good… To purchase a class card and stop into our yoga studio today!  Just click here:


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