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Clayton Yoga Studio Class Card Packages

Our Yoga Class Cards are good for ANY YOGA CLASS at Clayton Yoga.

At Clayton Yoga, we never have membership fees, extra gym costs or any other hidden costs.  

We keep these Class Cards flexible and fun making it easy for you to either try something new or make up a missed class. We just ask that you keep using your card so that you can receive the most value from your purchase.



  • Single Yoga Class  $18 (Student – Under 21 Class $12)
  • 4 Class Card Yoga Package $64
  • 10 Class Card Yoga Package $130
  • Thai Yoga Massage Book Your Favorite Time 90 min $90
  • Yoga Private Class Great for Beginners and Those Brand New to Yoga!  $70

(There will be a 8.75% Sales Tax added to all yoga class card purchases.)

Single yoga class cards valid for 7 days.

All 4 Class Cards are good for 30 days.

All 10 Yoga Class Cards are good for 60 days.


Clayton Yoga Success Stories – from clients enjoying the results of taking yoga classes at our studio

“One of the main things that I’ve done throughout my life is give up during my workouts when things get uncomfortable.
The changes I have noticed since taking yoga with Clayton Yoga is that I have more energy throughout the day.
My joints are not stiff and achy in the mornings. I am able to focus better on time consuming projects and yoga has taught me to be loving and patient with my body and to also push myself in order to get results.” – Natalie Warren
“I am less tired throughout the week. Physically, I can do things I never thought I could do like touch my toes and do a push up.
These methods have helped me deal with my own anxiety and stress so that I can be at my best on a day to day basis. I like the challenging postures and the relaxation at the beginning and end of practice.” – Sharon Schuler
“Yoga has been the one form of exercise that I have truly stuck with over the years, and I find it so beneficial. The one hour yoga class calms down my busy mind; rejuvenates my spirit; and strengthens and relaxes my body. I also enjoy meeting new people and my mind is clear and at peace most of the time” – Suzanne Cross

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  1. Do you offer any new student discounts?

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