Do You Believe in Fairies?

7111046_sA deeply personal blogpost for you!

Picking up a card from my friend’s Angel deck, I saw the words “Creative Expression” – “Your heart needs an outlet to express powerful emotions. By drawing this card, you’re urged to engage in an artistic or creative endeavor”.

While loving my yoga practice, walking, reading and listening to music, I wondered what this card meant.  It was true, I had powerful emotions and it was also true, I needed an outlet outside of yoga practice.  Suddenly, I understood, the call to writing.

I love to write because it organizes my chaotic mind and tempermental energies in a way that provides greater clarity and support.   On my new course to write my feelings out, I discovered something else, even bigger and more soothing to my inner nature.  To dialogue once again with the angels.

I decided to call upon the angels and asked many questions and also asked for their support and guidance.  Since doing so, I feel lighter, more trusting, reassured and confident that a positive outcome will come about.  What amazes me is how little we dialogue with this magnificent realm of celestial beings.  They are supposedly our best friends and yet what is the biggest stumbling block.  Here is the total catch.  They require you to call upon them first.  They will never intercede as Doreen Virtue says because free-will overrides their supportive intervention.

Angels are everywhere!  And all we have to do is ask.  Immediately I feel more energized both for myself and my daughter, more animated for life, greater protection and more joy.  I am inspired to expand work goals and create an atmosphere of mutuality.  And I love to send heartwarming messages to friends, colleagues around the world.  There is simply no limit to what the celestial bodies can do.

Calling upon the angels daily, I anticipate sleeping soundly and arising with refreshing new creative insights. I want to share with the whole world this one simple and yet very powerful technique, just ask the angels first for their support and they will come.

I think my quest for fairies will pay off handsomely. And as a result of listening to my happiness, I will stay open to new experiences.  When you feel your life is going nowhere, or need a energy boost, and we can always use that, ask your angels or fairies for guidance.  Create a comfortable, quiet space, some nice music, light a candle, and be bold.

Your desire for happiness is your birthright.   Higher guidance provides clarity, humility, constancy, devotion and love. There are so many things I don’t understand, but as my grandmother would say, “live in the day my child, live in the day”.  I know given the right chance, my heart will express all the joy, faith, and love it sees in this world.

It is my hope in this blog to empower myself to be strong and keep asking the angels for guidance.   To find your eternal spirit, stop by our Clayton yoga studio today!



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One thought on “Do You Believe in Fairies?

  1. Kristin Johnson says:

    This is a wonderful reminder. I used to have a relationship and affection for angels but time passed and I’ve become distanced. Thank you for reminding me of their beautiful presence in my life.