Summer Yoga Intensive 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course

7453356_sWe are embarking upon a very exciting and different style of yoga training again.  This summer, we present our 5th annual Summer Yoga Teacher Training for a group of lucky, interested and dedicated yogis.  We will introduce each student to the basic empowerment tools of yoga.  We will show you to go past living reactively and employ self-care tools for increasing inner strength and developing a better overall quality lifestyle approach.  We will present a different key topic each day and have you go home with 3 new wonderful take always to directly apply to your yoga practice and teaching.

One day will be dedicated for example but certainly not limited to breathing, anatomy, adjustments, yin yoga, playing the edge.  Also, in this course, you will learn how to find and expand your authentic spirit, and integrate sacred movements to create creative and exciting Vinyasa movements.

In many ways, this course is very similar to our local Yoga Teacher Training except for one main difference.  This training course will be held as an intensive 15 day schedule with the exact same format we use in our international yoga course.  Dates for this fabulous 200 Hr Yoga Alliance yoga teacher training are July 27th-August 11, 2013. We will not accept applications after July 1st, 2013!

The investment for this yoga course is $2,000.00 and the Early Bird Rate or $200 discount is granted when we receive your application and payment by June 1st, 2013.

This training will teach you how to instruct all level students in any yoga setting from gyms, to corporations, to yoga studios all over the world.  We include 8 key areas: Yoga Breathing, Restorative yoga, Yin yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Backbends and Inversions plus a segment on Marketing Yoga. Each day flies by faster than that last.

The Summer Yoga Teacher Intensive will empower each applicant to learn not just the anatomy of a yoga posture, but live yoga off the mat and lead transforming lives, lifting one’s energy to newer heights and living life according to one’s own true calling.

The course begins the day you sign up.  Within two weeks of applying, we will follow up with a 90 minute coaching call, helping you to begin practicing these yoga tools.

The spiritual path is about up’s and down’s, one step forward and one step back.  We provide each student with small do-able steps to practice and keep things light, fun and flowing.   Everybody is unique and as such has a unique practice.  In this summer immersion, we provide you with daily itineraries and easy to follow take homework assignments.

We always follow your lead and believe first and foremost that student self-determination is the most important quality for no one knows your body and your edge like you. Therefore as an instructor, we will show you ways to support and motivate elegance, ease, peace, and joy.  The main purpose of practicing yoga postures is to wake up the energy or meridian centers located throughout the body.  There is a saying I once heard from my favorite yoga teacher, “our issues are in our tissues”.

When we move and stretch, we are getting a precious opportunity to rewire our brain, stay calm in a moment of potential crisis, and learn from our lessons.  We communicate better, support one another from strength and build upon team participation and encouragement as a group.  When we truly work together, we can do anything.  Allow us to show you how to stay present, compassionate and confident.  A whole new way of finding your inner warrior and viewing the world.

“When we change the way we see something, what we see will change” Wayne Dyer

To sign up for this very exciting Yoga Summer Teacher Training intensive or to take advantage of  a free 20 minute phone consultation, please call 314-630-1677.

For more info on our Summer Intensive click here!

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