Clayton Yoga Student Tips to Help You on Your Way

There are definitely things you may like to think about before taking your first yoga class.

Yoga is not a competition; it is a sacred time to learn to be with your highest good.  Remember, every class is different, even with the same instructor, so give yourself 6-8 yoga classes before making any final judgment.

Secondly, the yoga instructor is there to support you and will ask you how your body is feeling throughout the practice.  If you have any questions about how to listen to your body and practice yoga, ask the yoga instructor for support.  They are there to help assist you in whatever way you need.

Vinyasa yoga is a practice to breathe deeply and oxygenate the body and the mind.  When we use common sense and gentleness, we can feel a fuller range of movement in our body and celebrate the small steps.

If you expect every class to produce better and better results, you will be disappointed.  Before we experience triumphs, we all are tested, so give yourself some space and be patient with results. Like one very famous yoga teacher Baron Baptiste once said, “never, ever, despise the days of small beginnings”.

On a more practical level, wear comfortable clothes and as a recommendation, keep a special exercise bag in your car or next to your front door.  This will help you establish a routine and feel motivated.  Please bring a yoga mat to class and a smile.  Just in case, you forget, we do have yoga mats for you to borrow.

Lastly, when you do force a pose because you are human, remember to back away and simply take the child pose, remembering to relax completely.

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