Miracles are the Birthplace of the Divine Intersecting with Your Life

Our spirit comes to us in a gentle whisper often in the early hours of morning and encourages us to keep going.  The road toward happiness is blocked by our own inability or then again, ability to find, move and work from our centermost being, this place called spirit.

One of the most promising things about this life is exercising our own ability to choose new roads.

The process of consciousness or ‘waking up’ is a deliberate act of looking at one’s own imperfections and rather than trying to avoid them, seek them out more and finding new avenues of gratitude and support resulting in a new possibility for personal transformation. It is our awareness or loving energy, that simple presence that we give back to life; that can create miracles, and new alignment, miracles and rebirth.

How does this happen?  How do we attract or manifest those deep seated desires to be the best version of ourself and to inspire a whole new level of possibility and outcome.

The key is to remind yourself that imperfection is potential in the making.  A path of excellence is to find ways to add value to the existing paradigm, to go outside ourself and take the action steps to get better. Consciousness or what the Mayan new calendar represents is a shift of empowerment not just for the few but for the masses.  Any of us, may apply our own free-will to see the circumstances of our life as a stepping stone to success or as the reason why we could not go any further.  In the following YouTube Video, we watch a miracle take place in one man’s life.

This miracle came in many forms, first doubt, then setback and defeat, followed by supportive friendship, self-forgiveness, dignity, vision and finally success.  Transformation begins with a weakness, a block, and begins its journey from a cocoon toward that of a butterfly when we apply soulful loving eyes to the situation.

Some even go so far as to say in this field of consciousness, we set up those barriers, because it is just so much fun, to try to take them down.  When we bring our own power back into our center by forgiving others, honoring life’s mysteries and being open to life’s obstacle course and changing ourself from the inside out, like this wonderful man, we will inspire humanity and run like the wind too!

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