Catch the Yoga Wave

Why is yoga so powerful in transforming people’s lives?

“Once upon a time, before we were tainted by the stress and strain of life, we all naturally practiced diaphragmatic and abdominal breathing.  This is not a new concept, but an old, forgotten one.”  This statement reminds me of the Adam and Eve concept.  Whether or not it is true that we once lived in the garden, and then of course Eve conjured up the idea to eat from the poison tree and change the direction of humanity, most now would tend to think otherwise.

Deepak Chopra says, “It’s not an easy journey, but it never was, the reason that the kingdom of heaven is within is that god is state of consciousness; there is nowhere to look but within.  The deity may be infinite, all-pervasive, and ever-present, but proof of God is on the move, shifting as fast as our own perceptions”.

The great news is that in this lifetime, you yourself, have already practiced yoga breathing.  When you were a baby, your whole body moved on the breath.  Take some time, if you have the opportunity to watch as a baby sleeps.  Their little belly opens first, then engages the diaphragm muscle to drop down, massage the internal organs and rise up on the exhale breath and massage the base of the heart.  As a result the whole system is being nourished, touched and support by each breath.  In the practice of yoga, we simple return to our baby’s breath.  Amazing!

This yogi breathing totally replenishes our body and mind.  It creates conditions upon which we experience greater peace, clarity and gratitude.  And I have heard somewhere that all war is started from man’s in ability to be with the breath or quiet, still for just five minutes.  The implications of understanding the power of breathing is limitless.

Connecting to the breath is food for the soulEmotions and breath are intertwined.  Have you ever noticed that breathing is more difficult when you are afraid?  When you are calm, how your breath is regular, slow, and deep.  Or as Dr. Andrew Weil suggests, all major reasons for major illness relate back to improper breathing.

So maybe in 2013, you can think about giving yourself some more deep breaths, it is free, there is no equipment necessary and it’s even right under your nose.   Breathing consistently will relieve your body of tension, bring balance to the nervous system and stimulate healthy internal organ function.  If you want to rock into the New Year this time, try focusing on your breath.

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