Clayton Yoga Owner Talks About Her Decision to Teach Yoga – Part 2

yoga026aThis is part two of a autobiographical account of Michelle Maue, owner of Clayton Yoga. 

I speak here in a candid narrative format that I hope you will enjoy! For a more complete blogpost, I recommend that you make sure to read last week’s part one blogpost.

Since beginning Clayton Yoga, I have taught and trained over 400 students and my passion for training yoga teachers continues to grow.

Growing up as a professional tennis player, I learned early on that hard work and discipline can achieve great things.  But excessive competition at the expense of others can lead to negative outcome.   Shinto Buddhism tells us that how we treat one another or how we treat ourself, affects the nature of our own happiness.

Our yoga teacher trainings, for example, have fun exercises designed to bring the group together and generate mindful loving kindness in action.  The more yoga I practice, now even after 15 years, the more process oriented becomes my way of thinking.    When I am truly engaged in this moment, agitation, fear and worry dissolves and I feel truly peaceful and empowered.

The magic with yoga is that every student is encouraged to go at their own rate. When we truly challenge ourself to play our edges, we grow.  Yoga is not an escape from our troubles.  According to yoga, there is no opponent more difficult than one’s own ego.

In practicing yoga, I find much more confidence in my true ability to quiet my mind and develop a more cooperative approach to doing business. I seek out strategies that are healthy for me and also generate a working solution for others.  This win-win approach is in harmony with nature.  When we spend time in nature, we see the grass also does not strain as Mike Dooley says to grow.

Yoga is a valuable tool to generate more energy within and stay engaged in all we do.  We can learn so much simple by observing our surroundings.

Before yoga, in the days of tennis, I was often critical, and judgmental about choices I made. I lived in my head and felt stuck on the past. Since opening Clayton Yoga, I have learned to also take life one day at a time.  I want to inspire as many others by being an example, and that requires patience and consistency.

When I teach also one pose at a time, I help to slow down, and lower group expectation and increase enjoyment and fun.

I have in just ten years of yoga business ownership, I have learned a little.  I hope in the next ten years, to learn a great deal more.  Today, I seek out more positive, supportive, friends, make healthier choices with my diet, drink far less alcohol, and enjoy reading uplifting spiritual  books.  There is so much to still learn and enjoy.  I hope that my example now helps inspire many other teachers to listen to their own inner calling and help to bring about a new shift in consciousness.  A peace or heaven right here on earth.  I am very grateful for my students and for all of the teachers who have showed me the way. Thank you for reading this blogpost autobiographical series about me.

I hope you decide to come in to Clayton Yoga and enjoy a wonderful yoga class or consider a yoga teacher training with us soon!  To schedule a free, 20 minute personal phone consultation, please click here:





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