8% is History

number-146028_640Have you noticed? The end of January is approaching fast. 8% of 2014 is already history!  

Do you remember your New Year’s resolutions? Have you taken the necessary steps to make them come true?

It is so easy to make resolutions on the first day of the year then quickly forget about them…. Because they might take a bit more effort to get going than you thought or involve more time or investment that you are willing to give.

All is not lost, though! Here are a few tips to revitalize your 2014 goals:

How many resolutions did you have entering the new year? One of the reasons of not succeeding consistently is having too many goals. You want to do more exercise, eating better and read a book a week? All wonderful goals but you still have the same 24 hours as before. How will you add even 3 hours to your already full schedule?

The solution: pick only one goal to work towards for now. What is the most important for you right now? Pick just one area you want to work on for a limited period of time (1-3 months). You might want to begin practicing yoga so free up 90 minutes per week so you can take a class at your favorite studio.

Be realistic! A yoga class might take only 60 minutes but you need to schedule the time to get to the studio and back, changing, etc. Plan for 90 minutes and enjoy an extra minute or 2. Who needs more stress?

One of the other factors hindering your success is that you might want to accomplish everything at the same time. What if you spaced out your goals throughout 2014? What if you had only one breakthrough goal per quarter?

What if you integrated just one new habit every 3 months? You could add a yoga class a week now and find the best way to include it into your usual schedule. Then when spring is just around the corner, add eating healthier to your plan. It will be much easier to work on your goals one by one compared to trying accomplishing everything at the same time!

If yoga is on your list for this year, we have great news! We created 3 special “New Year Starter Packages” packages for our new and current students:

  • 12-month unlimited yoga class card for only $500,
  • 6-month unlimited yoga class card for just $300,
  • or 3-month unlimited yoga class card for $150!

The “New Year Starter Packages” are good to go the first day you come into the studio, not the date of purchase. Also you may use this unlimited yoga card for any yoga class at Clayton Yoga Studio.

Take your pick and head over to our shopping cart now! You don’t want you to miss this month’s crazy deals!

You still have a few days till the end of January to take advantage of these unlimited yoga packages! If you have any questions, please call us at 314-630-1677 or send your questions through our Contact page!



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