Better Sleep Tips For Spring

dandelion-230784_640Spring is finally making an appearance after the cold hard winter. Isn’t this just the best news? During the first spring weeks you might feel tired and sluggish.

Best tips for a great night’s sleep in the springtime

Pay special attention to your nutrition

Felling excessively tired I the spring has to do with your body not getting all the nutrients. Not many fresh veggies and fruit is yet available. Plus we get bored with the typical winter fruits and veggies.

Have you ever thought about adding sprouts to your diet? You can try to sprout different seeds at home or buy them at your health store. Buy organic!

This might be the time to seriously consider taking high-value supplements. Now we cannot give you detailed suggestions which supplement to take. It is not our expertise and everybody’s needs are so different. Why don’t you consider visiting a nutritionist or your GP to get help with selecting the best supplement for you?

Green as a color symbolizes a new start, new life, and awakening right now. Did you know that green veggies are one of the healthiest and valuable food we can eat? Do you eat enough green veggies? If not here is a tip: cucumbers and celery are the easiest to add to your diet. Cut them up and snack on them during the day. You can add a nice dip to satisfy your taste buds, too. And you can easily take them to the office to fight off sugar cravings during the workday.

Drink your water but be mindful of the timing

Hopefully you are already practice the habit of drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day. Try to drink more in the first half of the day. If you realize at 6pm that you are dehydrated and try to drink 4 glasses of water a few hours before going to bed, you might not have the best night’s sleep. Waking up during the night because nature ‘s calling is not fun. Especially if you cannot go back to sleep afterwards.

Enjoy the sun

After the long gloomy days of winter, it is such a joy to feel the sunshine on our skin. Try to be outside as much as possible when the sun shines. Go outside in your lunch break to soak up some sun energy. Take a walk during the day or late afternoon. Plan a short weekend trip to a national park or to the beach. No matter what you do, just don’t stay inside!

Try aromatherapy

A small cotton ball with a drop of lavender oil might actually help you falling asleep at night. Just put the cotton ball near your pillow so you can breathe in the divine smell.  Be mindful that oil can leave a spot behind on some surfaces.

In the morning, use the power of basil. Why don’t you have a pot of basil on your windowsill in the kitchen? Just breathe in the uplifting aroma of basil leaves for more clarity and energy before you leave home!

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