Balancing Postures Remind Us How to Lighten Up!

Each day, when we look outside, when we get our work done, we all can fall susceptible to giving our light away, becoming too attached to the moment.  This serious side of life often can deplete our energy and leave us to feel more susceptible to stress, worry, depression and anxiety.

Yoga, on the other hand actually means to “to harness or yoke”, to draw our energy or light force back inside.

Therefore when we practice yoga, it is an excellent time to reconnect again to our own inner resources and feel our energy supply increase and peace of mind restored.

I find it very humorous as a yoga instructor when I ask students to meditate, how often I see a heavy look on their face, even maybe a frown.  And when we practice our asanas, there can be an extremely intense and heavy energy about their careful and hardworking efforts.

I often ask myself; why not have a little more play, fun, and creativity inside this learning curve?  And balancing postures to me signal the perfect release.  Balancing postures helps us to lighten up and become more playful, and easy going again.

This lighter side has many benefits.  We find that we become naturally more cooperative, collaborative, and have more energy and creative ideas to share.  Playful energy also is a great way to harness new ideas, and to think outside the box.

In summary, balancing postures teach us that life is an ongoing process of learning, not just a certain place in time.

When we practice trying to balance on uneven territory, we fall again and again.  In this moment, rather than getting serious, we laugh at ourselves and see the lighter side of things.

It is very free-ing to know that it is okay to fall, to lose our balance and to get back up again.

In balancing successfully, we may even feel what it is like to fly and see from a distance this magical, wonderful and potential playground called life and take up some new exploration for next time!

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