Balance Your Chakras – The Seventh Chakra

The 7th chakra, Sahasrara, or “thousand fold” lotus chakra considered the “consciousness” chakra and is located at the crown of the head or the soft spot on a baby’s head.

This chakra symbolizes detachment from illusion and is known as the psychic center for higher knowing.  It receives spiritual energies and guidance necessary to activate one’s purpose.  When this chakra unfolds, you know yourself as a spiritual being, temporarily located inside a body and mind.

A healthy 7th chakra helps us to step back, dismantle the ego, become impartial and see how our thoughts, attitudes and actions affect the atmosphere around us.  We feel that we are broadcasting mechanisms and are careful about what thoughts we choose to focus on.

This chakra is concerned with meditation or the ability to surrender to something wiser and larger than just ourselves.  When we realize this connection with all beings and the universal spirit, we are able to transcend attachment and identification with a separate self or ego.  We lose our attachment to things having to be “our way”.

The associated endocrine gland is the pituitary, which is responsible for many things including the regulation, growth, metabolic, reproductive and skin pigmentation of the body.  An imbalance in this chakra is represented by materialism, apathy, skepticism and intellectualism.  One feels loss of self, spiritual abandonment and lack of connection to the universe.

This chakra is the center of connecting to enlightenment and when balanced, one feels strong, unclouded and a joy for life.  Being able to raise our energy to this point allows for the state of Samadhi, union with God, and ability to feel our connection to the infinite.

Suggested Yoga postures include:

Headstand, Four Arm Balance, Handstand, Scorpion, Corpse

Color: Violet

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An excerpt from my new book “Tantra Living: A Yogini’s Companion for Happiness”.

One thought on “Balance Your Chakras – The Seventh Chakra

  1. The ultimate human evolution, as far as full human potential is concerned, remains incomplete unless the seventh chakra is opened along with the rest of them all.