Balance Your Chakras – The Second Chakra

Let’s continue out “Balance Your Chakras” journey with looking at the second chakra!

Chakra 2 is located near the lower abdomen or an inch below the navel and deals with families, emotions and setting boundaries.  Its physical sense is taste.  The emotion is desire, sexuality, and passion.  Joy, movement, fluidity, and creativity all inspire this center of vitality.

Sensation is where we move beyond our basic needs into relationships with others.  The second or sacral chakra is the “abode of vital force” that is related to emotions, feelings, grace, desire, sensation and movement.

When the pleasure chakra is imbalanced, one feels repression and feels disconnected to the senses.  They are unemotional and not very open to others.  Power struggles over little bothers is characteristic of an imbalanced second chakra. Over-active second chakras might mean acting out sexually having difficulty attaching themselves emotionally to others.

An incredible yoga teacher and friend of mine now for over 8 years is a classic healthy 2nd chakra.  She is constantly listening to her intuition and inspires you right from the start with that twinkling in her eye.  Her mischievous nature is lighthearted and her focus is always on being an example of grace.  She moves in the direction of feeling good and if someone is trying to bring her negativity, she does not counteract that force with more judgment, but steps back and blesses the situation.  She moves along again with her day and may even use that situation of transforming curse into blessing for a perfect teaching later with another friend.  She is magical because she inspires those that are watching how to live more deeply and trust in their own pleasure center.

When this chakra is open and balanced, there is willingness to be vulnerable and intimate, passionate and lively.  One’s energy is stable, alert, and in touch with a sense of taste and appetite for life.

Suggested yoga postures:  bridge pose, cobra, bow and baddha konasana.

Color: Orange

Element: Water


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An excerpt from my new book “Tantra Living: A Yogini’s Companion for Happiness”.

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  1. The anatomy and physiology of the sacral chakra aka Svadhisthana – at times, also called the sex chakra due to its effect on sexual urge, sexual potency and sexual performance – are as much attached with those of the root chakra as with those of the next chakra in succession, i.e., the solar plexus chakra.