At Home Yoga Breathing Exercise

Mindful Breathing brings you into this precious moment. Practice this as often as possible. Some yogis believe we are allotted a certain number of breaths per lifetime.

Many stress-related diseases are due to lack of breath. It’s so simple, breathing is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do before we leave our bodies. Mindful breathing is the foundation of all action.

                a. Observing the Breath

Gently relax the soles of your feet into the floor. Soften your buttocks and notice equal weight on both sits bones. Float your lower ribs away from your hips using your back muscles, lift your chest and slide your shoulders down your back to relax your shoulders. Soften the muscles of your face, even the spaces under your cheeks. Breathe naturally through your nose relaxing your lips and tongue. Please listen to the rhythm of your breath allowing it to sing to your inner body sweet songs of peace.

                b. Counting the Breath

Anchoring your feet into the floor sit very tall. Soften the hollows of your throat and mouth; relax all your face muscles, even the spaces under your cheeks. Gently close your eyes and begin breathing long and deep. Relax your lips and tongue.

Explore the natural rhythms of your breath by allowing your inhales to be the same length as your exhales. Perhaps start at a three count, inhaling three counts and exhaling three counts. If that’s too easy, try a four or five count.

Remember your count will change over time and practice. Do not strain your breath or body while counting your breath, especially your muscles around your eyes and forehead. Try at least ten rounds of counting your breath (you can keep count of each round with your fingers.)


  • Strengthens your respiratory system and reduces stress (anxiety and fear)
  • Energizes and facilitates greater alertness to your body and mind
  • Speeds healing on emotional and physical levels
  • Teaches you how to let go, or better yet as Paul McCartney says, “let it be”.

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