Why Clayton Yoga Vinyasa Style Is So Special

Vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga which combines yogic breathing with playing the edge. These postures promote healing and stimulate circulation in the body. When we feel sensation or reactivity in the body and stay with the breath, we learn to remain calm and neutralize the negativity. It is then that we are able right in the middle of our stressors or workday, to pause and remember all that we are: our creativity, vitality and wisdom.

Breathing provides us with sanctuary, a still point and a place where we may cultivate perspective, increase energy, and courage to go past the daily drama, or crisis, and retrieve our sacred center.

One of the most fundamental tools to great yoga and a healthy body is the yogic breath. Our body is built on a network of wiring called the central nervous system. This system is made of a balance between two important and different functions called the sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic is like an alarm clock inside our body, helping us to get up and go while the parasympathetic is our resting state where we allow our body to repair. A good example of the sympathetic system is when we mobilize our energy to quickly complete a project or drive to get somewhere. When we wish to let go of our day, soothe our energies, we are igniting the parasympathetic, healing our bodies and inspiring fresh new solutions and creative ideas for our mind.


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