Why “all levels” Classes at Clayton Yoga?

A recent student asked us why our yoga classes at Clayton Yoga are “all levels”?

Our classes are all levels because it is not about the posture or how it looks, it is about our own peace of mind, and ability to look inside and be equanimous.

We cultivate a greater peace of mind when we stay with our breath and notice the sensations in our body change.

So the practice of yoga is not about competition or looking outside but to really nurture those tight knots back into its original state of energy and vitality.

When we break apart the word, INTIMACY, we see the syllables, IN + TO + ME + I + SEE.

In yoga that the greatest battlefield to win or lose in this life is inside our own mind. When we have peace on the inside, then it is okay if things outside change.

Our yoga classes are all levels because the focus is not on how it looks, or following someone else, but having the awareness to stay with our breath, stay in this body, play the edge, and take greater self-responsibility to increase courage and motivation to play the game of life.

Yoga teaches us to trust in letting go. We can then drop our guard and be more truly our own empowered, authentic and mysterious self.


Michelle Maue

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