Practice Yoga at LaLuna, Grenada!

In June 2011, 6 students embarked on a 15 day magical adventure of love, sharing, and delight for each one of our beautiful spirits…

Yoga states that when we are now-here, and everything you are supposed to know will arise.  Happiness for sure exists but can we first get past the busy, distracted and pushy mind!  Well, in the Laluna YouTube video, one can see how incredibly peaceful and full of nature the surroundings are which completely lend themself to just letting things be. What seems to then be the difficulty?

But really, why do we practice yoga?  Is it to have a tighter body, to escape from the world, or to convince ourself that with enough downward dogs, all problems will disappear?  Being so smart, so in the know, so in control, this is the language of ego…The path of liberation really is learning to be humble to everything.  When yoga brochures are written for fun retreats and get away vacations, they don’t write “how to become a zero”, but really, yoga is the path of unlearning, rather than gaining a bunch of knowledge.  It’s about learning to trust our inherent inner self.

Yoga is the path of “moksha” or liberation.  It is a practice that helps us actually face our challenges in life with a calm mind. Rather than being able to do the splits, or turn our body into another acrobatic gesture, the real promise and true virtue of yoga is to be equanimous in our own mind. 

When we are willing to say I don’t know, when we stay open like a flower even though it is raining and windy and cold.  Like a child, can we approach difficult situations with more tact and diplomacy, understanding that we all are here to grow strong on the inside.  The practice of learning to stay in the present moment, or “yatta bhukka”, is non-attachment to outcome.  Here, our soul begins to stir and is reawaken at the sheer delight of this sublime eternal essence of our true nature.  We are neither born nor do we die.  When we are willing to let go, transformation, or growth from the inside, does not need to be painful, dramatic, or full of suffering.  We can actually celebrate the dance, the mystery, the rapture, be joyous, lighthearted, playful and fun. 

We practice yoga in Laluna, Grenada, paradise with the same intention we practice at home.  To salute a bigger force in the world, develop one’s own inner set of boundaries and salute our own humanity wherever that road may lead us…




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