To Replenish The Soul: Is To Begin an Ongoing Mission

Please enjoy this short excerpt from my new book “Tantra Living, A Yogini’s Guide to Happiness”. 

“As a yoga teacher training other yoga teachers, I value student’s self-determination.   In order to stay true to the practice of joyous, authenticity and transformation, each of us must be able to tend to, touch and transform our suffering.

The Buddha’s teaching is one of empowerment.  It begins when we take responsibility for oneself.  But along the way, finding our own hole or lack inside may produce bad feelings.  Progress here is not about being flawless or perfect, but instead allowing ourself to feel.  The balance and wellness of our planet depends on our own individual ability to feel safe, well cared for, and to be self-disciplined.

When we feel our own frailty or weakness, we can become self-indulgent and reproduce more fear.  However, if we can go within and take time out to nurture ourself, to give permission to reparent as aspect of our own divine light, we find very often that although we are each complicated beings, we don’t have to project unfinished work onto others.  That we can accept ourself, drop our guard, and become a bridge, touching something everlasting first within.

I’d like to know it’s ok to feel comfortable, safe, nurtured and well cared for.  Relationship has always represented this trial and error process filled with drama on my path.  I’d like to think that I can move past post traumatic stress of the past or judgment in the future.  Two people can very often teach each other the most beautiful of lessons, if the energy and balance between them is right.  When I feel comfortable to replenish the soul on a everyday basis, then it’s inevitable that a loving, nurturing relationship based on balance, enjoyment and progress will one day follow.

Stepping back, I learn now that these setbacks are teachers in the grandest design attempting to show me how to first get connected with my own soft, gentle, unconditional, loving side and discover my own answers within.  In doing so, not to be afraid that I will again be abandoned.  And my yoga gives me the needed time to articulate the unique needs coming from inside and replenishing them on a daily basis.   When we work with our energy first, learn to trust deeply again within, we can let go of the fear-based model of emptiness and instead replenish the soul.

From that place, the sky really is the limit!”



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