The Power of Preventative Health and Deep Breathing

6980337_sToday in medical school, do you know that as little as 3 hours is devoted to the power of breathing in our overall good health?  Dr. Andrew Weil also finds that BREATHING is not even included in conventional medicine. And yet, proper breathing according to Dr. Weil is considered the KEY to Great Health and curing common conditions and more serious diseases found even in Africa.

Breathing releases tension, stored up toxin and opens and massages our diagraphm and heart muscle.  When we breathe into the base of our lungs, we are exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide and providing the trees with much needed support.

The baby air sacs called alveolar located in the lungs when placed side by side make up the size of half of a tennis court.  And that when we breathe deeply, we actually expand the tidal volume and size of our lung capacity.

Breathing deeply correlates with a more peaceful state of mind as it calms and clears away fearful, anxious thoughts.  Longer, deeper, more regular breaths correspond to more peaceful, positive and empowering thoughts.  Even when we have unexpected deadlines or feel expectations placed upon us, breathing helps us keep our attention on something neutral.

This helps us to get unhooked from the storyline and disentangled from our own misery.  That it is possible even to take greater challenges in life when we breathe deeper because we are not as afraid to try.  And that breathing reconnects the diaphragm muscle with the internal organs and the heart, massaging both and delivering fresh nutrients at the same time.

Did you know that in Africa, stress is widely agreed by doctors everywhere to be the primary or aggravating cause of illness.  95% of all doctor’s visits are peptic ulcers, neck and back pain and headaches which suggest that even in third world countries, lack of proper breathing is also the main cause and source of problems.

Working with the breath changes consciousness:

♥Provides tools and ability to center our mind.

♥We can turn our direction away from the material to the non-material.

♥Working with the breath, we have the chance to change physiology.

Breathing is both conscious-voluntary and unconscious-involuntary.  Dr. Andrew Weil says that most of us are imbalanced and overly sympathetic.  A good indication that patients had this imbalance, he would find cold hands.  Too much sympathetic means that our system is hardwired for “the fight or flight” response too much of the time.

Watching our breath or meditation, helps us shift from the unconscious to the conscious.    This “witness of breath” helps raise the parasympathetic nervous system where we may quiet and raise the balance energy of our nervous system.

The parasympathetic calms, soothes and repairs our system. Based on expansion and contraction, the stars and the body simultaneously breathe.

Breath is a concentrated, still essence of being.  We are not trying to change the breath, simply observe the breath.  One of the best part of yoga breathing is that is does not cost us a thing.  Eventually, Dr. Andrew Weil believes, you may even reach enlightenment.

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