Specialty Workshop Series

Clayton Yoga presents SPECIALTY WORKSHOPS!

Did you know that our Specialty Yoga Series Workshops are a great way to take more time to practice yoga and become more inspired to creating health, abundance and igniting your passions and dreams of a lifetime?

For more information about our Specialty Yoga Series Workshops, click our link here:  http://claytonyoga.com/speciality-workshops/

Everyone is welcome to participate in our two hour mini trainings, geared to help empower you in in specific, key areas of your life.  When you learn how to customize and utilize your yoga practice to include specific targeted sequences, you will feel great and alleviate much of your symptoms and unnecessary stress.

To reserve your space, and make your Specialty Workshop Series purchase, please go to our shopping cart here:  http://www.secure-booker.com/bellayoga/ShopOnline/Series.aspx

These workshops will provide you with a take home handout, in depth personal instruction, and ample time for to ask questions, deepen your practice and absorb the wonderful topics of yoga teachings of yoga!

Can’t wait to welcome you at our next specialty workshop soon!

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