Meet Alyssa Ward!

One of our wonderful yoga teachers, Alyssa Ward shares her yoga journey and her work at Clayton Yoga:

“I have been teaching at Clayton Yoga for a little over 2 years and I have enjoyed every minute of it!

I received my training and certification through Clayton Yoga as well. Michelle and everyone in the training group made me feel welcome and we had some inspiring discussions. The training brought together a group of people that wouldn’t have met under different circumstances. I loved working with them and hearing how everyone was brought to yoga for different reasons.

I was brought to yoga by a curiosity for all different types of movement and my background in theatre. In addition to yoga, I have explored Pilates, alexander technique, ballet, modern dance, a little belly dancing, and even a one-time Bollywood dance workshop that was an interesting cultural experience as well as a new type of movement.

I love moving and it is a great feeling when I can accomplish something that I never thought I could do. The body is an amazing instrument. I like watching my students when they accomplish something new as well. It brightens up their faces and makes them feel positive about their yoga journey. I love yoga because it relieves stress and tension, helping to keep the body and mind healthy and peaceful.

My style is a Vinyasa flow, focusing on coordination of the breath with the movement. Students can expect to leave the class feeling more relaxed and at peace, but they will also receive a good workout during the class.

The Clayton Yoga studio provides an intimate setting that encourages a healthy relationship between the teacher and students and allows each student to take their own personal yoga journey without feeling the need to compete with those around them. It is wonderful to work so closely with beginning and experienced yogis alike.

I have also taught corporate yoga classes in the workplace through Clayton Yoga. The corporate classes are a wonderful way to bring yoga to people who may not have had a chance to experience it before.

It is very gratifying to give people a break from stress during their busy work day. I also enjoy seeing them grow from one session to the next. I had a student that came up to me who was very happy that she didn’t “walk like a duck” anymore. It was so exciting watching her get into downward dog for the first time after building up the strength she needed.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s smiling faces in the yoga studio in the near future!

Alyssa Ward

One thought on “Meet Alyssa Ward!

  1. I had my first class with Alyssa last night and it was awesome. Perfect line between relaxation, letting go, and stretching/pushing self.