Meditation For Joy

16529694_sIn this blog I chose to share with you a very calming and blissful meditation.  On our new international yoga teacher training site we encourage you sign up for our offer of a free audio gift. The following is a sample of our full Meditation for Joy.  Simply go to and sign up for our newsletter and receive your free mp3 file!

In this 13 minute beautiful presentation, you will be guided to relax, practice breathing and reclaim your energy, vitality and joy. Click on the link and you will be taken to a page where you can easily download our gift to you! I chose to give you this gift because I had a very special student from Grenada present this meditation from our yoga teacher training manual with the group and everyone felt nourished, supported and renewed.  Try this!


Breathe.  How much can you feel your breath right now?  Focusing on your breathing is an essential practice that draws your awareness inward and helps you experience the presence and flow of energy.

Relax.  How much more can you relax right now?  Relax the muscles of your face.  Relax your lips and tongue.  Relax your throat and neck.

Feel.  How much more can you feel right now?  Feel the points of contact between your body and your cushion or chair.  Feel the vibration of the sounds around you.

Watch.  What are you noticing right now?  As you breathe, relax, and feel, invoke a quality of spacious awareness.  Sense who you are as a witness; be a scientist observing phenomena arising in and around you.

Allow.  How much more can you allow your experience to be exactly what it is?  What would happen if you added nothing to this moment and renounced the need to change anything?  Awareness has been described as a vast, spacious sky.  Feelings, thoughts, and sensations constantly change.  Sense who you are with no preferences.  Be present to the process of your life unfolding moment by moment.


Our Clayton Yoga International course is based on real life success.  This style of yoga is the fastest growing style around the world.  Vinyasa Yoga can be practiced everywhere and is accessible to any background and student level.  The magic of Vinyasa is aligning with our breath and universal intelligence.

In yoga, as in life, there is never a destination which is why it is so important to take care of yourself at every level: physical, mental and spiritual. Vinyasa Yoga is a mind/body practice that helps students enjoy a variety of movements while allowing the breath to guide.  The workout is intense and everyone feels the same prana or kundalini move through their body, open their heart and empower new paradigms of living.

We understand that it is best to talk with someone personally and would like you to please click on our phone consultation button (“Let’s Chat!”) located on the home page of  We would love to share our passion for yoga and help you reach many students too!



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