Clayton Yoga Promotes the Wellness Model

2891669_s Clayton Yoga offers students from all backgrounds great Vinyasa style yoga practice.  One of the most fundamental tools to practicing and teaching great yoga is to be authentic.  When you are called to accomplish extraordinary goals, one must be up to the task and have an unstoppable desire.

The best yoga students I have ever encountered are not the ones who never make mistakes, but those individuals who are extremely motivated to excel and take their practice constantly to the next level.

The greatest tool a person can build upon is the yogic breath.  The breath is the key to a healthy body and mind.  This body work on a vast network of wiring call the central nervous system and can also greatly expand and ease the flow of prana through the nadis, or energy currents of the body.

A healthy balanced nervous system between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic works like an internal alarm clock inside our body, helping us to get up and go while the parasympathetic or resting state, helps us rest, and repair.  When our energy is running smoothly and unobstructed, we feel vital, energized, and alive.  In our classes, we encourage each other to listen to our body and follow the feeling good model.  If it does not feel good, don’t do it.

Vinyasa yoga a style of yoga that works with the breath continuously.  Each movement begins first with the breath and turning inward.  Then we can begin to let go of the attachment we have in yoga and life.  When we breathe, we are sending loving kindness to ourself and the world.  According to yoga, it is believed that injury occurs because our mind has gone someplace else.  With mindful breathing, we detect what it is we need in every pose.

The breath is the edge detector letting you know if you have gone too far. Yoga postures promote healing and stimulate circulation in the body and help us remain neutral, calm and empowered. Breathing provides us with sanctuary, a still point or place where we may cultivate greater perspective, increase our energy, and garner the courage to go past the daily drama, or crisis, and retrieve our sacred center.

The journey of yoga is one of empowerment and learning to trust in yourself. We welcome you to begin your journey at our Clayton Yoga Studio!




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