Keep Beauty Alive!

ronda-182856_640Life is beautiful – with all its challenges and trials, with its ups and downs, with the fleeting moments of happiness and sorrow inclusive.

How many times do you seek beauty in your everyday life? And can you keep the beauty alive when you find it?

Practicing yoga, deep yoga breathing and meditation will help you discover your own beauty and to consciously appreciate the beauty that exists around you every minute of your life.

Our best tips for making every day the most beautiful of your life.

Stay in the present moment – even if it is so much easier to worry about the future or feel guilty about the past.

Sleep well and enough. Never sacrifice your daily recreation time. Sleep deprivation can kill you- literally.

Eat clean food. Avoid the food-like products the food industry wants to put on your plate. Read the labels, understand what those funny numbers and descriptions mean. Buy food at local markets if you have them in your area.

Learn to cook. Preparing food can be so meditative. Create new recipes on the basis of what you have in your kitchen. Use the bounty of every season… fruits, veggies will bring the most beautiful colors into your life.

Nurture your brain. Eat food that is great for your brain function (e.g. eat natural nuts, not the salted ones).

Protect your mind. Be aware of the messages you open your mind to. Be conscious of your media consumption. Less is better.

Consume consciously – you don’t have to buy all the stuff that is advertised every day on every channel.

Live simple. Look always for the simplest solutions to all problems. Keep it simple.

Get rid of clutter. Select through the stuff you own – do you really need all of it? What can you donate or give away?  Once you cleared your clutter, be very conscious of the items you let enter your life.

Know the different faces of addiction. You can be addicted to good things, too. Too much of a good thing is usually not so good any more. Just an example: eating nuts is awesome for your brain, eating too much of this nutritious food with a high fat content might sabotage your weight release efforts.

Practice yoga consistently. Even if you take just one class per week, you will reap the rewards. If you can practice more, even every day, go for it.

Carve 15 minutes out of your busy day and be silent. Explore the silence around you and inside you. Early mornings and late nights are perfect to experience silence.

Meditate every day. Even if it is just 5 minutes before falling asleep.

Be outside and explore nature. Green is the color of healing. Let your eyes feast on the vibrant colors of nature.

May beauty be with you on your path!



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