Carla Johnson About Her Yoga Experience

gateway-arch-67313_640Carla Johnson, a Human Resource Specialist with St. Louis County for 8 years talks in this blogpost candidly about the wonderful benefits she experiences in our yoga classes.

Carla’s job can get stressful with company turnover and filling all positions in a timely manner.  Before trying yoga, something that was completely new, she heard from different people how wonderful it felt.  Carla was initially impressed with the added convenience of having yoga at work and during the lunchtime hour.  She was encouraged from her friends to try and so she decided three years ago to take her first class with Clayton Yoga.

In that time Carla has found yoga to be highly effective in lowering blood sugar.  “The things I have noticed is that I am more flexible, and the last visit to my doctor, my blood sugar level dropped 5 points and has stayed down all these years.  In addition, Carla feels her posture is better, I am able to stand and hold my leg and I have never been able to do that.”  Carla also enjoys the fact that lunchtime yoga affords her more time in the evenings to do what you want, go exercise or run errands.

After 3 years of practice, there are still many awkward postures that make it difficult to practice.  But for Carla Johnson, she has truly learned to master the art of breathing and rather than getting competitive with herself or judging what she can do next to someone who is more flexible, she instead practices on listening to her breath.  Just breathing has helped Carla have more fun and see that she is doing the best she can.

When Carla hurt her knee, she decided to back off and develop a greater sense of humor.  She feels much more well rounded and feels it’s okay that you can’t do it all.  The lesson of self-acceptance continues to grow inside Carla as she finds herself responding more, reacting less.  Carla is lighter and more relaxed off the mat and in everyday situations now too.

She recommends to new students to just keep trying. Try not to compare yourself to anyone in the class or outside the class.  Yoga is a state of mind, not about how flexible you can be.  Rather than trying to control or manage outside forces, Carla recommends that the real benefit of yoga is peace of mind.  Many of her office friends now take yoga too.  “These classes are convenient and you really have no excuse!”

Clayton Yoga classes are never boring! Each class offers dynamic new sequences that are accessible and challenging for all backgrounds.

Your employees will not need to worry about taking showers after class. Classes are between 50-60 minutes in length and always end on time. In most cases, our instructors are trained to instruct groups to a maximum of 25 students.  To schedule a free phone consultation and start an onsite corporate yoga class, give us a call today, 314-630-1677!  We look forward to hearing from you!



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