12 Steps for Managing Back Pain

First thing’s first: don’t let back pain run your life.  Most people fear their back pain. When the back pain isn’t present, they fear it will return without provocation.  When the back pain is present, people fear that their back pain will just become worse if they try to move.  This is fear-avoidance behavior.

People fear the pain and try to avoid any possible means of inducing the pain.  It would seem to make sense to want to avoid pain; however, it is one of the most damaging patterns to practice when you’re looking to rid yourself of back pain.  In fact, only with an active perspective will you be able to manage your pain.

Step 1: Staying active is key.  After yoga class, check-in with your body.  Always take responsibility for your body’s feedback.

Step 2: Be open-minded, not judgmental with your body’s feedback.

Step 3: Check-in with friends, establish community, social support.

Step 4: Get rest

Step 5: Time for regular meditation. 10 minutes in the morning. 10 minutes in the evening. Be with spirit.

Step 6: Turn to great poetry or music that will inspire you.

Step 7: Express gratitude.  Write thank you notes.

Step 8: Stand smart.  If you happen to be standing for a extended time, try using an angled stool to keep weight off your lower back one foot at a time.

Step 9: Sit smart. Place a pillow or a rolled-up towel behind the small of your back to maintain the natural curve of your back.

Step 10: Lift smart.  When approaching an object to be lifted, bend the knees, take hold of the object, then carefully straighten your legs.

Step 11: Sleep smart.  Mattresses that are “medium-firm” might be best for sufferers of back pain.  Try using a pillow that won’t elevate your head to a steep angle and keeps your chin from being drawn into your chest.

Step 12: Let food be your medicine.  Choose a plant based diet comprised of nutrient dense foods and exercise portion control.  Be sure to have a variety of colors!

Be smart about your day to day choices.  These are your power points to leading a greater yoga, healthy back, better lifestyle and healthy life. Enjoy!

Information from this publication is taken from GAIAM Media’s “Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions For Back Pain” 2007. 

Image: Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

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