Call of Urgency to Value Yourself

11835397_sDid you know your dream wants you too.  That you are worth receiving all that you desire?  This blog is taken from Daily Om, an extraordinary resource for spiritual on-line courses, this course titled, How to Be a Phenomenal Receiver, by Lisa Zimmerman.  One of the most important things on our healing path is learning how to value our self.  When we love and trust people who have overstepped their boundary, we receive a subtle message that we are not either able to trust and open ourself up again, are not worthy of receiving that love, or feel that if we do ask, we will be perceived as needy.

At the root of every unpleasant experience you have in your life, there is a belief buried deep within you as mentioned above that do not serve you.  That belief is often the cause for why you are attracting negatively.  It is there in your operating system.  The good news according to Lisa Zimmerman, is that you can discover, integrate and plant new beautiful seeds within to create the life you prefer.

Here are better ways to value yourself:

  1. Claim your gifts, strengths, and talents
  2. Be generous of spirit
  3. Maintain healthy boundaries
  4. Don’t be a victim
  5. Let go of competition with yourself
  6. Adopt a whole life success attitude
  7. Count every little blessing that comes your way!
  8. Give yourself permission to feel good, and can you feel even really good?

When we are tired or make fear based choices, we are not tapping into the present moment.  When you take time to discover your values, what is really important for you, what are your unique qualities that you overlook.  Can you step outside the work box and rediscover life all over again?  What do you need to open to that will expand or enhance your life?  In what way?  I guarantee that if you write down some of these answers or even just get very quiet and ask your spirit something wonderful will emerge.  Have fun…!!!

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